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Huta Pieniacka (Ukrainian: Гута Пеняцька, Huta Penyats'ka) – was an ethnic Polish village[1] of about 1,000 inhabitants, until 1939 located in Tarnopol Voivodeship, Poland (modern-day Ukraine). The site of what was once the village is currently located some 50 km from Ternopil, beside the village of Holubytsia (Ukrainian: Голубиця) in Brody Raion of Lviv Oblast of Ukraine.


On February 28, 1944 almost all the villagers of Polish ethnic background were murdered[2] and the village razed during the Huta Pieniacka massacre in a planned action[3] by the II Battalion of the 4th regiment of the SS Freiwilligen Division "Galizien" under the command of Włodzimierz Czerniawski. [4][5]

Huta Pieniacka monument to victims of the World War II massacre
The monument
The monument
Plaque on the monument
Plaque on the monument
One of the tables on monument with names of murdered Poles
Names of the murdered

Coordinates: 49°54′07″N 25°05′56″E / 49.902°N 25.099°E / 49.902; 25.099