Hutan Melintang

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Hutan Melintang is a small town in Hilir Perak district, Perak, Malaysia. The town is located next to the Strait of Malacca.

Although the word 'hutan' is there but it does not mean that it is a jungle. Hutan Melintang is a developed place and it has a 2-storey supermarket located in this town. Furthermore,the townpeople is also kind and generous. The most famous schools are Sekolah Menengah Hutan Melintang,The most economical income by Hutan Melintang population is fishery industry, Hutan Melintang also has one of the biggest fishery industry in Malaysia.

Hutan Melintang is famous of it seafood and fisheries.Beron always eat at Ikan Bakar Restaurant, one of the most popular restaurant in town. Jenderata, an estate owned by the United Plantations Berhad, is also located nearby.

Another famous Chinese restaurant in Hutan Melintang is Men Lok Seafood Restaurant, on the main road of Hutan Melintang, right before one reaches the banks of Sungai Bernam. Serving food such as claypot fish with special spicy sauce, steamed crabs, assam prawns, fried mantis prawns and baby squids, etc.

Recently they are a lot of new shops operating in this small town like Karnival Store, TenTen Store and KFC. They are also lots of Telecommunication and Computer store like Jitron Communications, Perniagaan Gahya, ChauLen Enterprise, IFIX Computer.

Mostly of the people here are working as a plantation worker, fisherman and farmer, as we known Hutan Melintang is the biggest fisherman village in Perak.

Coordinates: 3°53′N 100°56′E / 3.883°N 100.933°E / 3.883; 100.933