Tropidolaemus huttoni

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Tropidolaemus huttoni
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Subphylum: Vertebrata
Class: Reptilia
Order: Squamata
Suborder: Serpentes
Family: Viperidae
Subfamily: Crotalinae
Genus: Tropidolaemus
Species: T. huttoni
Binomial name
Tropidolaemus huttoni
(M.A. Smith, 1949)
  • Trimeresurus huttoni
    M.A. Smith, 1949
  • Tropidolaemus huttoni
    – David & Vogel, 1998[1]
Common names: Hutton's pit viper.[2] Hutton's tree viper,[3]

Tropidolaemus huttoni is a venomous pitviper species found in southern India. No subspecies are currently recognized.[4] Little is known about this species, as only two specimens, both juveniles, have been collected since it was first described in 1949.


Its specific name, huttoni, is in honor of its discoverer, Angus Finlay Hutton, a planter and naturalist.


The coloration and size of adults is unknown.

Juveniles are green dorsally, with a series of small white spots on both sides, located on the 2nd & 3rd scale rows from the vertebral row. Ventrally they are pale green, except for the last 25 subcaudals, which are dull reddish brown.

The holotype specimen is only 136 mm (5⅜ inches) in total length, 98 mm (3⅞ inches) in snout-vent length (SVL), and the tail is 38 mm (1½ inches) long.[5]

Geographic range[edit]

Found in Theni district, southern India. Known only from the type locality, which is listed as "High Wavy Mountains, Theni district, southern India." According to David and Vogel (1998), this is a plateau on the western central edge of the Varushanad Hills, at 1,590 m (5,200 feet) elevation, in Theni district, Tamil Nadu.[1]

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Further reading[edit]

  • Smith MA. 1949. A new species of pit viper from South India: Trimeresurus huttoni sp. nov. J. Bombay Nat. Hist. Soc. 48 (3): 596.

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