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Regions with significant populations
Lari language, Gulf Arabic
Sunni Islam, with a small Shia minority[1]
Related ethnic groups
Persians, Afro-Persians
For the original group, see Persian people and Iranian peoples.

Houla (Persian: هوله‎, sing. Houli هولي) is a term used in some Persian Gulf littoral countries to describe peoples of varying ancestries and Sunni background originating from the Arabian Peninsula, with a significant amount of these peoples being the descendants of Arabian tribes. Houla are Arabs who migrated to Iran thought out a time of drought in the Arab region and went back to the Arabian Peninsula during the 17th century and 18th century. One must not confuse the Houla to the Ajam whom come from a Persian background.


Houla (in Arabic: هوله), is a plural Arabic term for Houli (in Arabic: هولي), which itself is a corruption of the singular Persian term Kouli (in Persian: کولی) refers to a group of wandering Sunni Arabs who migrated to the to Iran then back to their original place, the Arabian peninsula. It can referred to people who come from an Arab origin. The term is widely misinterpreted in Bahrain and should not be confused Ajam.

Migration to the Arab Peninsula[edit]

A significant amount of the Houla returned to the Arab region in 1721, after a number of problems occurred during the rule of Muhammad Shah. A small minority migrated to the Arab region during the 19th and 20th century.

Culture and Traditions[edit]

Most of the Huwala families lived in the urban centres of the Persian Gulf states and established themselves as trading business families, making use of their networks across the Persian Gulf. In the Bahraini city of Manama, many settled in the neighbourhood of Awadhiya. While, in Qatar they settled in different places such as Al-Wakrah, Al Khor, and Doha. The only known language to the Houla is arabic.

Notable Families[edit]

  • Al Naama
  • Al Jaidah
  • Al Baker
  • Al Saai

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