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Coordinates 64°37′N 19°50′W / 64.617°N 19.833°W / 64.617; -19.833Coordinates: 64°37′N 19°50′W / 64.617°N 19.833°W / 64.617; -19.833
Primary outflows Hvítá
Basin countries Iceland
Surface area 30 km²
Max. depth 84 m

Hvítárvatn (also known as Hvítárlón) is a lake in the Highlands of Iceland and the source of glacial river Hvítá. It is located 45 km northeast of Gullfoss. Its surface is about 30 km²; its greatest depth is 84 m.

There are some rivers and lakes with the Icelandic adjective hvítur (= white) in their name. This is explained by the origin of most of Iceland's freshwater: It comes down from glaciers and the colour is therefore rather light.

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