Hwa Hsia Institute of Technology

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Hwa Hsia University of Technology
Hwa Hsia University of Technology Logo
Established Founded 1966[1]
Reorganized 2004
Reorganized 2014
Type Private University of Technology
President 陳富都
Location New Taipei, Taiwan
 Republic of China
Website http://www.hwh.edu.tw
Hwa Hsia Institute of Technology
Traditional Chinese 華夏科技大學
Simplified Chinese 华夏

Hwa Hsia University of Technology (HWH; Chinese: 華夏科技大學; pinyin: Huáxià) is a private tertiary technical university located in Zhonghe District, New Taipei City, Taiwan. The name makes reference to the Huaxia ethno-cultural group.


The institute was founded in 1966 as Hwa Hsia School of Agricultural Technology (traditional Chinese: 華夏農業專科學校; simplified Chinese: 华夏农业专科学校; pinyin: Huáxià Nóngyè Zhuānkē Xuéxiào)[2] by Dr. Frank T. Y. Chao (趙聚鈺).[3]


Hwa Hsia has nine constituent academic departments:[3]

  • Department of Electronic Engineering
  • Department of Electrical Engineering
  • Department of Mechanical Engineering
  • Department of Chemical Engineering
  • Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering
  • Department of Information Management
  • Department of Assets and Property Management (graduate institute included)
  • Department of Business Administration
  • Department of Architecture Department
  • Department of Digital Media Design
  • Department of Interior Design
  • Department of Applied Cosmetology
  • Biochemical Engineering Department
  • Construction Management Department

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