Hybrids (album)

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Hybrids (The Creatures Remix album)
Remix album by The Creatures
Released 2 November 1999
Recorded France
Genre Alternative
Label Sioux Records, Instinct Records
Producer The Creatures, Steve Lyon, Warne Livesy
The Creatures chronology
Anima Animus
U.S. Retrace

Hybrids is a 1999 remix album by The Creatures (aka singer Siouxsie Sioux and percussionist Budgie). The tracks included are remixes of their songs recorded between 1998 and early 1999.

Most of the songs are extended mixes. Several mixes had been previously released on 12" promo singles and CD singles, but a large part of them are unreleased.

The Independent on Sunday noted that some remixes were created by different artists: "This is the pick of a crop that includes Howie B., Witchman and The Beloved, plus newer artists such as Icarus or Dr Psyche. While there are some chunky beats and catchy loops, it's better suited to home listening rather than the dancefloor".[1]

Q's Victoria Segal said: "So Howie B takes a knife to the sexually watchful 'Prettiest Thing'; Black Dog unbolt the beats of 'Guillotine' into disjunctive abstraction, and Witchman has his evil way with 'Say'. Twice. Running its finger along the cutting edge, Hybrids is a bravely bloody genetic experiment."[2]


UK CD (Duke D66 CDL) and US CD (INS-433-2)[edit]

  1. "Prettiest Thing (Hormonal Mix)"
  2. "Exterminating Angel (Nu Skool Mix)"
  3. "Slipping Away (Tick Tock Mix)"
  4. "Say (Radio Friendly Mix)"
  5. "Pinned Down (By Icarus)"
  6. "Guillotine (Bitten by the Black Dog)"
  7. "All She Could Ask For (Justice & Endemic's Void Dope Remix)"
  8. "2nd Floor (Strawberry Cocktail Mix)"
  9. "Disconnected (Beloved in a Void)"
  10. "Turn It On (Black Smoker Mix)"
  11. "Say (4 X 4 Mix)"
  12. "Prettiest Thing (Superchumbos Waking Dream Mix)"


  1. "Disconnected (Beloved In A Void)"
  2. "Exterminating Angel (Nu Skool Mix"
  3. "Slipping Away (Tick Tock Mix")
  4. "All She Could Ask For (Justice & Endemic's Void Dope Remix)"
  5. "Pinned Down (By Icarus)"
  6. "Guillotine (Bitten By The Black Dog"
  7. "Say (Very Long Mix)"
  8. "Turn It On (Black Smoker Mix)"

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