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Satrap of Parthia, Hyrcania, Media, Matiene and Sophene
Reign 521 - 480 BC
Issue Hydarnes II
Full name
Vidarna, Witarna
House Achaemenid
Dynasty Achaemenid

Hydarnes (Ancient Greek: Ὑδάρνης; Old Persian Vidarna "the ripper") was an eminent Persian, the commander of the "Ten Thousand Immortals" during the time of king Xerxes invasion of Greece.Hydarnes was a famous soldier and commander loyal to the great Persian Empire. He served King Darius and his son Xerxes as well. Hydarnes tried to stop Xerxes from his foolish mistakes from time to time. After the battle of thermopylae, Hydarnes stopped serving Xerxes. If Xerxes had listened to Hydarnes in his battles he might have been more successful in battles and wars against Greece. Hydarnes helped Darius become Emperor before the fake Bardiya jeopardized the empire.[citation needed]

Perhaps the most famous episode involving Satrap Hydarnes and his Immortals came at the Thermopylae in 480 BC, when they came into contact with Leonidas of Sparta.

According to Persian Resources, Hydarnes or Vidarna led King Darius's Persian Army and jeopardised and destroyed the Medes army and went to Pasargadae and stopped the fake Bardia.

Hydarnes' name was ruined because he served Xerxes at Thermopylae. He was a great Persian Commander and Satrap and died apparently in a desert in Middle Persia.

In popular culture[edit]