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Hyde Clarke (14 December 1815 – 1 March 1895) was an English engineer, philologist and author. He edited the Railway Register from 1845 to 1847 and founded the London and County Bank. He was a member of the British Association for the Advancement of Science. He was expelled from the Anthropological Society of London on 22 August 1868[1] in the wake of public allegations he had made concerning (chiefly) the mismanagement of accounts of that body.

Principal works[edit]

  • Physical economy a preliminary inqury into the physical laws governing the periods of famines and panics. 1847
  • Life of Richard Trevithick, C.E.; Life of George Stephenson, C.E. 1848
  • Contributions to railway statistics in 1846, 1847, & 1848 1849
  • A grammar of the English tongue, spoken and written; for self-teaching and for schools. 1859
  • Memoir of the comparative grammar of Egyptian, Coptic & Ude 1873
  • Researches in prehistoric and protohistoric comparative philology, mythology, and archæology, in connection with the origin of culture in America and the Accad or Sumerian families. 1875
  • The Khita and Khita-Peruvian epoch: Khita, Hamath, Hittite, Canaanite, Etruscan, Peruvian, Mexican, etc. 1877
  • Himalayan Origin and Connection of the Magyar and Ugrian. 1877
  • A short handbook of the comparative philology of the English, Anglo-Saxon, Frisian, Flemish or Dutch, Low or Platt Dutch, High Dutch or German, Danish, Swedish, Icelandic, Latin, Italian, French, Spanish, and Portuguese tongues. 1879
  • The early history of the Mediterranean populations, &c., in their migrations and settlements : illustrated from Autonomous Coins, Gems, Inscriptions, &C. 1882
  • Examination of the Legend of Atlantis in Reference to Protohistoric Communication with America, London, 1886


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