Hyde Park, Kansas City

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Hyde Park is a historic neighborhood and city park in Kansas City, Missouri.


The historic neighborhood is located north/south from Linwood Boulevard (32nd Street) to 47th Street and west/east from Gillham Road to Troost Avenue.

Hyde Park was a watering hole for pioneers heading west on the Santa Fe Trail. A stream and a cave with a natural spring made the area an ideal overnight spot for travelers.

The neighborhood's history begins in the 1880s.

Today the Hyde Park Neighborhood Association, a group of Hyde Park residents and business owners, help maintain the area by participating in special projects and landscaping.

City park[edit]

The small neighborhood city park is located between 36th and 38th streets on Gillham Road.

Notable mentions[edit]

Hyde Park is listed in the National Register of Historic Places database.

The Bellerive, once a hotel on Armour Boulevard, gained notoriety after opening the Casbah Room, a lounge that attracted headliners such as Billie Holiday and Liberace.

Walt Disney lived in Hyde Park before moving to California.


Coordinates: 39°03′23″N 94°34′36″W / 39.0563°N 94.5768°W / 39.0563; -94.5768