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Hyder Consulting plc
Public limited company
Industry Design, Engineering, Environmental, Planning & Management consultancy
Founded J. Simpson & Co, 1823
Headquarters London
United Kingdom
50 Offices Worldwide
Key people
Ivor Catto, Chief Executive
Russell Down, Finance Director
Revenue £298.1m (year ended 31 March 2013)
Number of employees
Website Hyder Consulting

Hyder Consulting is a multi-national advisory and design consultancy with particular specialisation in the transport, property, utilities and environmental sectors. The firm employs approximately 4,200 people across the UK, Europe, Germany, Middle East, Asia and Australia and has been listed on the London Stock Exchange since October 2002. The name Hyder is the Welsh word for "confidence".[1]

As of October 2014 Hyder Consulting is part of Arcadis NV.


The firm was responsible for the design of projects such as the Victoria Falls Bridge (1905), the Sydney Harbour Bridge (1932), the Forth Road Bridge (1964), the Severn Bridge (1966), the Bosphorus Bridge (1973), the Humber Bridge (1981), and the Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge (1988). Other notable projects included the Parkes radio telescope (1961), the Erskine Bridge,[2] the 46m Algonquin Radio Observatory (1965), and Melbourne's West Gate Bridge (1978).[3]

The eminent consulting engineering practices that went on to form Hyder Consulting were John Taylor and Sons with origins from 1739, Freeman Fox and Partners, founded in 1857, and Sir Bruce White Wolfe Barry and Partners with origins from 1856. The first two long-established practices merged due to common interests in 1987 becoming the Acer Group, with Sir Bruce White Wolfe Barry and Partners joining the Group in 1991. Over the next few years, several smaller specialist firms were incorporated to form a worldwide infrastructure and civil engineering consultancy.

The company and another consultant Wallace Evans Ltd were acquired by Welsh Water in 1993 and renamed Hyder Consulting in 1996. When Hyder Consulting was bought by Western Power Distribution, the senior management of Hyder Consulting instigated a management buy-out, completed in January 2001. The firm then listed on the London Stock Exchange in October 2002.

Acquisitions since 2002[edit]


  • Power System project and consultancy Ltd January 2013
  • ESR Technology Limited (energy) July 2011
  • RPA Quantity Surveyors (cost and project management) May 2007
  • Marcus Hodges Environment (environment and hydrology) September 2004
  • Ashact (environmental and process engineering) August 2004
  • Bettridge Turner & Partners (land development and transport)
  • Cresswell Associates (ecology)


  • IC Ingenieur Consult (MEP) March 2011
  • Seib Engineers (highways and transport) December 2007
  • Voigt Engineers (utilities/airports) November 2007
  • Munnich Projekt (highways and transport engineering) June 2006

Middle East[edit]

  • SAK (infrastructure) 2012
  • Holfords Associates (architectural) June 2008
  • Roberts & Partners International (mechanical, electrical and plumbing) July 2004

East Asia[edit]

  • ACLA (greening master planning and landscape architecture) July 2006


  • ORAH Rail (railway signalling) January 2015
  • The Flinders Group Pty Ltd (environmental services, planning, program & project management) March 2014
  • PLD Consulting Pty Ltd (power) September 2013
  • BCH Engineering Consultants Pty Limited (structural and marine) December 2012
  • GW Engineers Australia Pty Limited (resources) March 2012
  • Strategic Design and Development Pty Ltd (freight and transport logistics) October 2010
  • Crescent PSS Pty Ltd (resources) February 2008
  • Quiggin Cook and Associates Pty Ltd (mechanical and electrical engineering) September 2007
  • Nolan-ITU (environment and waste management) 2006
  • IrwinConsult Pty Ltd (transport) September 2005
  • Weathered & Howe (building and infrastructure) June 2005
  • Adamus Consulting Practice (building technologies) February 2004
  • Jeff Moulsdale & Associates (land development) October 2003
  • Peter Clarke & Associates (building services) 2002-03
  • RFA (acoustics) 2002-03

Market Sectors and Services[edit]

Market Sectors[edit]

  • Energy
  • Environment
  • Property
  • Resources
  • Technology
  • Transport
  • Utilities


  • Building and Infrastructure
  • Environment
  • Geosciences
  • Management services
  • Property services
  • Structures
  • Transport services
  • Water services

Notable projects[edit]

Hyder has been delivering iconic landmark projects in over 100 countries for over two centuries.[citation needed]

As lead designer for several lots on the London 2012 Olympic Games, the company’s contribution to its third Olympics was varied. Works involved extensive earthworks, environmental and remedial work for the northern half of the Olympic Park site, lead design and environmental works to the Broxbourne White Water Canoe Centre for the slalom races, and a complicated route network system that saw transport routes being reversed or diverted around events including the running and cycling marathons.

Taiwan’s High Speed Railway was the largest civil engineering undertaking, when it opened in 2007, with Hyder as lead designer for two sections involving complex construction planning. The line carries over 44 million passengers a year on the 345 km of north-south rail link. Hyder also worked on the new Berlin Hauptbahnhof station which can handle 100 million passengers annually.


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