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Classification and external resources
A hydropneumothorax with white arrow point to the pulmonary pleura
ICD-10 J94.8, S27.3
ICD-9 511.8
MeSH D006872

Hydropneumothorax implies presence of both air and fluid in the pleural space ( i.e. between two layers of pleura. An erect chest x-ray will show the air fluid level. The horizontal fluid level is usually well defined and extends across the whole length of hemithorax.


  • Iatrogenic: Introduction of air during pleural fluid aspiration in effusion.
  • Presence of gas forming organism.
  • Thoracic Trauma


This can be remembered by 4 'S'

  • Straight line dullness
  • Shifting dullness
  • Succussion splash
  • Sound of coin