3-Hydroxypentanoic acid

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3-Hydroxypentanoic acid
3-hydroxypentanoic acid.png
CAS number 10237-77-1
PubChem 107802
ChemSpider 96952 YesY
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Molecular formula C5H10O3
Molar mass 118.13 g/mol
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3-Hydroxypentanoic acid, or beta-hydroxypentanoate is a 5-carbon ketone body. It is made from odd carbon fatty acids in the liver and rapidly enters the brain. As opposed to 4-carbon ketone bodies, 3-hydroxypentanoic acid is anaplerotic, meaning it can refill the pool of TCA cycle intermediates. The triglyceride triheptanoin is used clinically to produce beta-hydroxypentanoate.[1]


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