Hysteria – The Def Leppard Story

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Hysteria – The Def Leppard Story is a 2001 made-for-television movie about the English hard rock/ heavy metal band Def Leppard. The film premiered on July 18, 2001 and is available on DVD in the US.


The film revolves around the humble beginnings of the band, their rise to stardom, drummer Rick Allen's car accident, Steve Clark's battle with alcoholism and the making of their most successful album to date, Hysteria. The story does not represent reality if you talk about the accident. Rick and Miriam did not take any drugs before it happened. In fact they where driving on a sunny morning just after breakfast. Rick was showing his girlfriend Miriam the beautiful nature around Sheffield.



The following Def Leppard tracks are featured in the movie. Some songs include newly added lead vocals or drums (recorded by session musicians), most notably during scenes in the recording studio. The movie also includes an entirely re-recorded version of the early Def Leppard song "Getcha Rocks Off", which was recorded without involvement of any Def Leppard members.


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