Hyundai Aero Town

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Hyundai Aero Town
Saigon Bus.jpg
Manufacturer Hyundai Motor Company
Production 1985-present
Designer Hyundai Motor Company Design Center
Body and chassis
Class Rear wheel drive vehicles
Body style Minibus (short body & long body)
Platform Hyundai Bus Chassis
Related Kia Cosmos
Transmission Hyundai (manual), ZF/Allison (automatic)
Predecessor Hyundai DQ-7

The Hyundai Aero Town (hangul:현대 에어로타운) is a medium-duty bus produced by Hyundai Motor Company and released in 1985. It is primarily available as minibuses.

Externally it is distinguishable by a front 'Aero Town' badge, but the common Hyundai badge is usually used on the rear.

In Asia-Pacific, Mid-East, Africa, South America, its principal competitors are Asia Cosmos and now known as Kia Cosmos.

==Models== The Hyundai Aero Town has two variants:

  • Aero Town standard body: short wheelbase minibus.
  • Aero Town long body: long wheelbase minibus.

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