Hyundai AutoEver

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Hyundai AutoEver
Industry Automotive IT
Founded April, 2000
Founder Chung Ju-yung
Headquarters Seoul, South Korea
Area served
Key people
Park Seong Geun (CEO)
Number of employees
2080 (2013)
Parent Hyundai Motor Group

Hyundai AutoEver (Hangul: 현대오토에버) is an global IT service provider in IT infrastructure, consulting and outsourcing. Its headquarters is in Seoul, South Korea. It was established in 2000 and it is part of Hyundai Motor Group. Based on the accumulated IT service know-how and advanced technical power, Hyundai AutoEver has maintained continuous growth within the group's core businesses, namely automobile, steel, logistics, heavy industry, construction, finance, and leisure.

To support huge growth of Hyundai Motor Group, all around the world, Hyundai Motor Group decided to regional Hyundai AutoEver. Information systems, solutions, and services to find and market new export items at overseas sales points. Apart from Korea it has presence in Irvine, United States; Offenbach, Germany; Saint-Petersburg, Russia; Chennai, India; Beijing, China; Piracicaba, Brazil; Czech Republic; and Slovakia.


Hyundai AutoEver provides best IT technology for all processes of car manufacturing from research and development, production, logistics, and sales, leading informatization of the automotive industry. Best IT technology for all development processes of automotive parts manufacturing/sales (after-sales service and modules) from research and development, production, logistics, and sales. Develop and maintain information and production system specialized for heavy industries such as shipbuilding, marine, engine machinery, construction equipment.


IT service and knowledge management information system such as strategic information and performance management for steel makers producing construction materials, hot rolled plates, cold rolled sheet, cast steel, forged steel, stainless, and materials for light vehicle bodies.


3D simulation for design and process optimization: construction and cost management project support and systems for construction companies involved in civil engineering, construction, plant, and engineering.


IT services for effective operation of a credit card company’s approval, information and transaction systems, supporting different business activities from new user recruitment, affiliation/product service, affiliated store’s revenue and management, billing, payment, and bond issuing. Stable, efficient information technology service for various financial services from car financing, credit loans, mortgage loans to customer assessment, to approval (loans), billing/payment, debt collection, customer risk management. IT technology and infrastructure service for stock companies from financial service for corporate, total asset management, pension management, to stock trading. Implement IT infrastructure, data centers, next generation and information solutions for insurances, fund, loans, retirement pension, and trust fund.


Create U-Hospital environment by improving work efficiency and productivity and sharing medical information. Logistics, administrative, information systems and solutions for distribution businesses from department stores, online malls, to restaurants. Information systems, solutions and services to help advertising agencies - surveys on the advertisements’ effect, media buying, and advertisement production. Information systems, solutions, services for logistics activities – importing raw materials and parts, domestic procurement and delivery, storage/delivery, logistics between plants, shipping, export, international shipping and inland transportation in overseas countries.


Information systems, solutions, and services to find and market new export items at overseas sales points.

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