Hyundai Universe

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Hyundai Universe
Kumho Buslines.JPG
Manufacturer Hyundai
Production Worldwide
Designer Hyundai Motor Company Design Center
Body and chassis
Class Rear wheel drive vehicles
Body style Bus
Platform Hyundai Bus Chassis
Related Hyundai Aero
Engine D6AV (235 PS), D6AB (300 PS), D6AC (340 PS), D6HA (380 PS), D6CB-38 (380 PS), D6CB-41 (410 PS), D6CC(420 PS)
Transmission Manual Transmission

The Hyundai Universe (hangul:현대 유니버스) is a heavy-duty luxury bus built by Hyundai Motor Company. It is primarily or mainly available as luxury hi-classic tourist buses.

It is distinguishable by a front 'Universe' badge by Hyundai's global standard luxury bus, but the common Hyundai badge is luxurious bus design usually used on the rear.

In Japan, Asia-Pacific, Mid-East, Africa, South America, its principal competitors are Kia Granbird, Daewoo FX.


The Universe was designed by Hyundai Motor Company Jeonju Design Center. It was a rebadged Hyundai Bus Chassis. The two variants are:

  • Space
    • Comfort : The Aero Space LD subsequent generation
    • Classic
    • Elegance: The Aero Space LS subsequent generation
    • Luxury
  • Express
    • Prime: The Aero Hi-Space subsequent generation
    • Noble: Modern simplisity bus
    • Noble Queen: The Aero Queen Hi-Class subsequent generation, for Excellent Express bus

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