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Iž is located in Croatia
Location of Iž in Croatia
Ugljan, from St Mihovil. Iž is in the background.

(pronounced [îːʒ]; Italian: Eso, German: Ese) is an island in the Zadar Archipelago within the Croatian reaches of the Adriatic Sea. It is situated between Ugljan on the north-east and Dugi Otok on the south-west and is about an hour's ferry ride from Zadar. It has an area of 17.59 square kilometres (7 square miles)[1] and a population of 557.[2] Its mineralogy is composed of mainly limestone and dolomite.[3] The island has been settled since prehistoric times; there is a Catholic church dating from the 11th century and records of the first Croatian settlers date from the year 1266.[4] Its two biggest settlements (Iž Veli and Iž Mali)[5] are located on the eastern part of the island.

Near the island there are some very small uninhabited islands: Knežak, Rutnjak and Fulija for example. In the Iž dialect people almost never say f, they use h instead. Main activities are sailing, fishing, olive cultivation and pottery. The island is very popular amongst foreign tourists, largely due to its great beaches.[3][6]

Nearby islands[edit]

Iž satelite annotated.png

Nearby islands:

  1. Veli otok
  2. Mali otok
  3. Srednji otok
  4. Glurović
  5. Kudica
  6. Fulija
  7. Maslinovac
  8. Luški otok
  9. Rutnjak
  10. Knežak
  11. Školjić
  12. Tomešnjak
  13. Mrtovnjak


Coordinates: 44°02′01″N 15°07′11″E / 44.0336°N 15.1196°E / 44.0336; 15.1196