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I'll / Crazy Kouzu Basketball Club
Genre Sports Drama
Original video animation
Directed by Itsuro Kawasaki
Studio Aniplex
Released 18 December 2002
Episodes 2
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I'll / Crazy Kouzu Basketball Club is an anime OVA based on the manga I'll,by Hiroyuki Asada. The manga has yet to be released in North America.

Akane Tachibana and Hitonari Hiiragi were rising stars of high school basketball and bitter rivals on the court. In the past, the only thing keeping each one from being the best was the other. But when Hiiragi is transferred to Kouzu High School, they find themselves as teammates. Will the two masters of the court reconcile their differences in time for the big game against Kokutai, or will Hiiragi switch teams to challenge his rival face to face?

The opening theme for the first OVA episode is "Migite" by J-rock band Ellegarden, and the ending theme for the second episode is "Kaze no Hi", also by Ellegarden.

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