I'm Dangerous Tonight

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I'm Dangerous Tonight
Promotional poster
Directed by Tobe Hooper
Produced by Bruce Lansbury
Boris Malden
Philip John Taylor
Michael Weisbarth
Screenplay by Bruce Lansbury
Philip John Taylor
Story by Cornell Woolrich
Starring Madchen Amick
Corey Parker
Daisy Hall
R. Lee Ermey
Natalie Schafer
Anthony Perkins
Dee Wallace
Music by Nicholas Pike
Cinematography Levie Isaacks
Edited by Carl Kress
MCA Television Entertainment (MTE)
Distributed by USA Network
Release dates
8 August 1990 (original airing)
Running time
100 min.
Country United States
Language English

I'm Dangerous Tonight is a 1990 American horror television film, directed by Tobe Hooper and starring Mädchen Amick. It made its debut on the USA Network on 8 August 1990, before being released on home video. Loosely inspired by a novella by Cornell Woolrich, the film revolves around a cursed Aztec ceremonial cloak that possesses anyone who wears it. Young college student Amy (Amick) decides to make a dress out of the cloth. Once she dons the dress, she falls under the spell and becomes a remorseless killer.

DVD release[edit]

Universal has yet to announce any plans to release the film onto DVD, as of 9 April 2012.

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