I'm Only a Woman

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I'm Only a Woman is a 1971 RCA Records album by country singer Dottie West. Although release during a career low point for West, with three singles releasing failing to become major hits and the album itself failing to chart, the album is widely considered by West fans as one of her finest, loaded with emotional, heartfelt vocals in an album consisting almost entirely of bittersweet ballads.


  1. "I'm Only A Woman" (Ben Peters)
  2. "Your Sweet Love" (Billy Sherrill)
  3. "Baby I Tried" (Jeanne Fitzsimmons)
  4. "Are You Lonesome Tonight" (Roy Turk, Lou Handman)
  5. "Lonely is" (Jerry Foster, Bill Rice)
  6. "There's a Big Wheel" (Don Gibson)
  7. "That's All That's Left of My Baby" (Lorene Mann, Walter Haynes)
  8. "Together Again" (Buck Owens)
  9. "Too Much of Me Loving You" (Jan Crutchfield, Johnny Slate)
  10. "Give it Time to Be Tender" (Kris Kristofferson)


  • Producer: Jerry Bradley
  • Vocal Accompaniment: The Jordanaires, The Nashville Edition