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I'm That Chick

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For the song by Enur featuring Nicki Minaj and Goonrock, see Rune RK.
"I'm That Chick"
Song by Mariah Carey from the album E=MC²
Format Digital download
Genre [1]
Length 3:31
Label Island
Writer Mariah Carey, Mikkel S. Eriksen, Tor E. Hermansen, Johntá Austin, Rod Temperton
Producer Mariah Carey, Stargate
E=MC² track listing
"Side Effects"
"I'm That Chick"
"Love Story"

"I'm That Chick" is a song by American singer-songwriter Mariah Carey, included as a track on her eleventh studio album, E=MC² (2008). Written by Carey, Mikkel S. Eriksen, Tor E. Hermansen, Johntá Austin, Rod Temperton, and produced by the former three, the song draws influence from soul, R&B and disco music genres. "I'm That Chick" features a strong bass-line, and heavy disco-flavored production, and incorporates a sample of Michael Jackson's "Off the Wall". The song's lyrics finds the protagonist describing a relationship with their lover, as well as all the good qualities they can offer him. Additionally, the song features Carey wooing her significant other with a positive description of herself, while repeating 'I'm that chick you like'.

At the time of the album's release, "I'm That Chick" was met with acclaim from music critics, and was considered one of the album's highlights. Several reviews complimented the song's strong disco-driven melody and sample, while others concentrated on Carey's lyrics. The song charted due to strong digital downloads in the United States during the debut week of E=MC², and as a result, peaked at number 82 on the Billboard Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart. Though not released commercially as a single, Carey performed the song live a select number of times, notably on Good Morning America, as part of a three-piece outdoor concert, the 2008 Fashion Rocks ceremony, the The Hills season premiere party, and Canadian Idol.


A sample of "I'm That Chick", featuring the disco-flavored melody and incorporation of the "Off the Wall" music sample. Additionally, the lyrics find Carey wooing her lover, and repeating 'I'm that chick you like'.

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"I'm That Chick" is a fast-paced song, which features a "care-free feel",[2] and draws influence from soul, pop and disco music genres.[1] The song incorporates a sample from Michael Jackson's "Off the Wall", and features a strong thumping bass-line and hand claps.[3] Evan Sawdey of PopMatters described it as a "late-night disco-bass groove", and highlighted its production as the album's finest.[4] The song was written by Carey, Mikkel S. Eriksen, Tor E. Hermansen, Johntá Austin, Rod Temperton, and produced by the former three. According to the sheet music published at by W.B.M. Music Corporation, "I'm That Chick" is set in common time with a tempo of 79 beats per minute.[5] It is composed in the key of C-sharp minor, with Carey's vocal range spanning from the low-note of G3 to the high-note of C5.[5] The song follows in the chord progression of Bm7–Am7–Gmaj7[5] Lyrically, the song finds the protagonist describing a relationship with their lover, as well as all the good qualities they can offer him, while repeating 'I'm that chick you like". Critic Jennifer Vineyard from MTV News described the song's production and lyrics in detail:

'I'm That Chick' ups the ego ante, but as she demonstrates with some silly lyrics ("la da da ooowee") and a funky disco beat (benefiting from an 'Off the Wall' melody sample), she's not taking any of it seriously. At least we hope she's not serious when she compares herself to Tupac and Biggie, then ice cream and the lottery, as she softly taunts, 'You're fiending to blaze up and taste me'.[6]


"I'm That Chick" garnered positive reviews from music critics, many of whom complimented its disco influence, as well as the inclusion of the "Off the Wall" sample. Writing for the Idaho Statesman, Jeffrey Ross described the song as a "sinewy stomper",[7] while The Advocate‍ '​s Sara Levy called it "irresistible".[8] Rashon Ollison from The Baltimore Sun complimented the song's production and vocals, writing "[Its] a warmly melodic midtempo number with a smart, understated vocal from Carey."[9] Journalist for the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation (NRK), Svein Terje Torvik wrote "'I'm That Chick' is well-oiled discopop and one of the few tracks that give a certain pulse."[10] The News & Advance‍ '​s Melissa Ruggieri described "I'm That Chick" as "a soul-disco thumper that will play equally well in the skating rink or a downtown club",[1] while Sarah Rodman from The Boston Globe credited it as "the album's best track".[3] Joey Guerra from the Houston Chronicle felt the "Off the Wall" sample helped the track "come to life", and described its production and incorporation of the sample as "breezy".[11] Nick Levine, writing in for Digital Spy described "I'm That Chick" as "irresistible disco candy",[12] while Anne Donahue of Reuters felt it was a "fun song".[13] Eric Henderson of Slant Magazine likened its "tokenistic" feel to Janet Jackson's "Feedback."[14] During its opening week, "I'm That Chick" charted at number 82 on the Billboard Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart.[15]

Live performances[edit]

Carey opening the 2008 Fashion Rocks ceremony with a live performance of "I'm That Chick".

On March 25, 2008, Carey was featured as the special guest performer at The Hills season premiere party, an event marking the start of a span of ten episodes airing in between season three and four.[16] Carey, dressed in a black dress and gold jacket, performed "Touch My Body", "I'm That Chick" and "We Belong Together", before exiting the stage to a standing ovation.[17] After the performance, Carey received strong praise from the program's cast members, with Lauren Conrad saying "I've always been a huge Mariah fan, and she's just so beautiful and talented', while Whitney Port and Audrina Patridge referred to Carey as "an amazing singer", while claiming to have listened to her music from a young age.[17] On April 25, 2008, Carey opened the Good Morning America "Summer Concert Series" with a live performance in Times Square.[18] Carey, wearing a pink mini-skirt, began the set with "Touch My Body" in front of thousands of fans.[18] During the song, Carey's backing vocals began to malfunction, causing it to repeat phrases and play during her main vocal moments.[19] In order to let the sound engineer know of the problem, she substituted part of the lyrics for "stop singing my part now baby", and completed the final chorus.[12] She continued on with "I'm That Chick", and completed the three-song set-list with her follow-up single, "Bye Bye".[18]

After marking the album's stateside launch with her appearance on Good Morning America, Carey took to Europe to perform on several programs. She began with an interview on the British radio station, BBC Radio 1, and continued onto a live rendition of "Touch My Body" and "I'm That Chick" on T4.[20] On July 22, 2008, Carey was announced as one of the performers at the 2008 Fashion Rocks ceremony.[21] At the event on September 6, 2008, the event opened with a live performance of "Just Stand Up", a charity single in which Carey partook alongside several notable female musicians such as Mary J. Blige, Beyoncé and Rihanna.[22] After the ladies completed the song, Carey came onto the stage wearing a long silver and black gown, and performed "I'm That Chick" alongside several male dancers, opening the song with a spontaneous a cappella of the track's chorus to positive critical response.[23] A writer from Marie Claire complimented the performance, describing the rendition as "true glamtastic Mariah style".[24] A few days later, Carey reprised her performance of "I'm That Chick" on Canadian Idol, alongside previous chart-topping single, "We Belong Together".[25]

Credits and personnel[edit]

Credits for E=MC² adapted from the album's liner notes.[26]


Chart (2009) Peak
US Billboard Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs[15] 82


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