I'm Waiting for the Day

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"I'm Waiting for the Day"
Song by The Beach Boys from the album Pet Sounds
Released May 16, 1966
Recorded March 6–10, 1966, United Western Recorders and CBS Columbia Square, Hollywood
Genre Rock, baroque pop
Length 3:05
Label Capitol
Writer Brian Wilson, Mike Love
Producer Brian Wilson
Pet Sounds track listing
Music sample

"I'm Waiting for the Day" is a song by the American rock band The Beach Boys, taken from their 1966 album Pet Sounds. It is the fifth track on the album. The song was written by Brian Wilson and Mike Love with Brian also acting as producer of the song.[1] It was copyrighted in February 1964, indicating that the song's composition predated the album's sessions by some years.[1]

Background and recording[edit]

When asked about "I'm Waiting for the Day," Brian Wilson said that "there really was no specific inspiration for [the] song."[2]

The instrumental track (including string overdubs) was recorded on March 6, 1966 at United Western Recorders. Vocal overdubs finished the track on March 10, 1966 at CBS Columbia Square.[1] The track, a vocals only mix, and highlights from the tracking session can be found on The Pet Sounds Sessions boxset, released in 1997.

Carl Wilson has stated he loved the dynamics, saying, "The intro is very big, then it gets quite small with the vocal in the verse with a little instrumentation and then, in the chorus, it gets very big again, with the background harmonies against the lead. It is perhaps one of the most dynamic moments in the album."[3][4]

The lead vocal was sung by Brian Wilson who thought his performance was inadequate, explaining, "Vocally, I thought I sounded a little bit weird in my head. That's the one cut off the album I didn't really like that much. But, you know, it's okay, it's not a case of liking or not liking it; it was an appropriate song, a very, very positive song. I just didn't like my voice on that particular song."[1][5]



The Beach Boys
Additional musicians


Cover of 1966 Italian single with "I'm Waiting for the Day" as the B-side to "Little Honda"

The Pet Sounds Sessions compilation included an alternate take featuring Mike Love on lead vocals.

Cover versions[edit]


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