I'm a Lady: The Old, New & Best of Mary Wells

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The Old, The New & The Best of Mary Wells
Studio album by Mary Wells
Released 1983
Recorded 1983
Genre Soul
Length 37:23
58:01 CD edition
Label Allegiance Records
Producer Wayne Henderson
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The Old, The New & The Best Of Mary Wells
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The Old, The New & The Best of Mary Wells is a 1983 album released by Motown legend Mary Wells on the independent label Allegiance Records. Tapping in on her stature as a sixties legend, Wells decided to re-record several of her classic Motown songs, adding in a new wavish sound. The album was produced by Wayne Henderson who would go on to produce Rebbie Jackson's 1984 album Centipede. Only one single was released in the UK, the rerecording of "My Guy", as an extended 12" version that failed to chart. The album was rereleased on CD in 1987 featuring 5 unreleased tracks recorded during the same sessions.


Original LP[edit]

  1. "My Guy"
  2. "The One Who Really Loves You"
  3. "Two Lovers"
  4. "You Beat Me to the Punch"
  5. "Oh Little Boy (Look What You've Done to Me)"
  6. "Bye Bye Baby"
  7. "What's Easy for Two Is So Hard for One"
  8. "What Love Has Joined Together"
  9. "You Lost the Sweetest Boy"
  10. "Old Love, Let's Try It Again"

1987 CD Bonus Tracks[edit]

11. "I'm A Lady"
12. "Make Up, Break Up"
13. "I Feel For You"
14. "To Feel Your Love"
15. "Money Talks"