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I-1K is a spacecraft platform or bus developed by Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO), and marketed by Antrix Corporation.[1] I-1K spacecraft bus is designed to be compatible with lightweight GEO satellites which weigh in range 1,050 - 1,100 kg. I-1K bus are commonly used for meteorological satellites. The mass of I-1K satellite bus is 100 kg. I-1K spacecraft bus can supply DC power up to 1000W.[2] I stands for INSAT.[1]

List of satellites launched using I-1K platform[edit]

Features of I-1K[edit]

INSAT-1000 bus can be used for satellites in light weight category (mass ranging between 1050-1100 kg). The average transponder life is 7 years which can be extended up to 12 years. It can provide power supply up to 1000 watts. Its payload mass is less than 100 kg.[5]

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