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Interstate 294 marker

Interstate 294
Tri-State Tollway
Tri-State Toll Road
Route information
Maintained by Illinois Tollway
Length: 53.45 mi[1] (86.02 km)
Existed: 1957 (completed 1968) – present
Major junctions
South end: I-80 / I-94 / IL 394 in South Holland
North end: I-94 in Northbrook
Highway system
I-290 IL 336

Interstate 294 (I-294) is a tolled Interstate Highway in northeastern Illinois. It forms the southern portion of the Tri-State Tollway in Illinois. I-294 runs from South Holland at Interstates 80 and 94, and Illinois Route 394 to Northbrook at I-94. Interstate 294 is 53.42 miles (85.97 km) long; 5.32 miles (8.56 km) are shared with I-80.[1] It serves as a bypass around the city of Chicago. Interstate 294 is also the longest auxiliary route of Interstate 94, being 10 miles longer than Interstate 494 in Minneapolis-Saint Paul. Interstate 294 is also the longest auxiliary interstate highway in Illinois.

Route description[edit]

Main article: Tri-State Tollway

Interstate 294 has four of the Tri-State Tollway's five mainline barriers. These are located at:

  • 163rd Street
  • 82nd Street (Southbound)/83rd Street (Northbound)
  • Cermak Road
  • Irving Park Road (Illinois Route 19) (Southbound)/ Touhy Ave. (Northbound)

The fifth is on I-94 near Waukegan.

The full length of Interstate 294 is 8 lanes wide (4 lanes each direction). Prior to 2006, only the portion between O'Hare (Interstate 90) and 95th Street (U.S. 12/U.S. 20) was 8 lanes, with the remainder being 6 lanes. In 2009, The Illinois Tollway Authority completed reconstruction on the remainder of Interstate 294, expanding the tollway from 6 to 8 lanes from 95th Street to its Southern terminus at the Kingery Expressway, and from Interstate 90 to its Northern terminus at Interstate 94 in Northbrook.


The portion of the Borman Expressway that was completed from Gary westward and the Kingery Expressway were originally designated as I-80, 90, and 294 from shortly after the Interstate Highway program was enacted until about 1965, when the connection between the Borman and the Indiana Toll Road was completed, and I-90 was swapped with I-94 west of that junction (and east of where those routes share the same road in Chicago), cutting back I-294 to its current south terminus (eliminating the Indiana part of I-294). Indiana later proposed to extend Interstate 294 east on the current Borman Expressway to Indiana State Route 912, before having it turn north at that point, west at U.S. Highway 12, and then back to I-94, most likely somewhere on the Bishop Ford Expressway near 130th Street. The request was denied.

From 1991-1993, the 23 mile portion of Interstate 294 between Interstate 90 and U.S. Route 12/U.S. Route 20 (95th Street) was reconstructed and expanded from 6 to 8 lanes in each direction.[2] In 2006, reconstruction to widen the Southern portion of the tollway, where I-80 and I-294 are multiplexed, was completed in conjunction with simultaneous projects on the Borman and Kingery Expressways, expanding this portion of the tollway from 6 to 8 lanes. By late 2009, additional reconstruction projects on the remainder of the tollway were completed, bringing the entire length of Interstate 294 to 8 lanes wide (4 lanes each direction).

Interstate 294 was built largely before the growth and maturation of the suburbs that run along Interstate 294. As a result, the vast majority of the interchanges are partial, or were configured to have entrance ramps feeding the toll plazas. "Gaps" between exit ramps are common, the 6.5 mile (10.5 kilometer) gap between Cicero Avenue (Illinois 50/83) and 95th Street (U.S. 12/20) being one of the more notable ones. Partial interchanges are located at Roosevelt Road (Illinois Route 38) (northbound exit, southbound entrance), Irving Park Road (Illinois 19) (southbound exit, northbound entrance), Touhy Avenue (northbound exit, southbound entrance), Dempster Street (U.S. 14) (northbound exit, southbound entrance), and Golf Road (Illinois 58) (southbound exit, northbound entrance). Several former partial interchanges have been converted to full interchanges, with automated toll collection facilities on the new ramps, such as at 159th Street (U.S. 6) (northbound on and southbound off added), and 95th Street (U.S. 12/20) (southbound on and northbound off added). The 79th Street exit was moved to 75th Street/Willow Springs Road, and made a complete interchange in the same manner.


I-294 northbound in Indian Head Park 12 mile (0.80 km) south of the Hinsdale Oasis

The Move Illinois Project is currently building an interchange with I-57. Phase one opened on October 25, 2014; phase two is expected to be completed by 2023/2024. Phase one also included a partial interchange between I-294 and 147th Street.[citation needed]

Exit list[edit]

The entire route is in Cook County.

Location Mile[1][3] km Exit[4] Destinations Notes
South Holland 0 0 I-80 east / I-94 / IL 394 south – Chicago, Danville, Indiana Southern terminus; southern end of I-80 concurrency
1 2 Chicago Southland Lincoln Oasis
East Hazel Crest 3 5 IL 1 (Halsted Street / 800 West)
4 6 Dixie Highway Southbound exit and northbound entrance
Hazel Crest 5 8 I-80 west to I-57 – Iowa Northern end of I-80 concurrency
6 10 163rd Street Toll Plaza
Markham 6.5 10.5 US 6 (159th Street)
Blue Island 8 I-57 south – Memphis Southbound exit northbound entrance only; full interchange opening 2023–24
9 IL 83 (147th Street) Southbound exit northbound entrance; Opened October 25, 2014
Alsip 12 19 IL 50 (Cicero Avenue / 4800 West) / IL 83 (127th Street)
Hickory Hills 17.5 28.2 US 12 (95th Street) / US 20 / 76th Avenue
19.5 31.4 83rd Street Toll Plaza (northbound)
20 32 82nd Street Toll Plaza (southbound)
Justice 21 34 US 12 / US 20 / US 45 (LaGrange Road) / IL 171 (Archer Avenue) Southbound entrance only
Des Plaines River Mile-Long Bridge
Hodgkins 22 35 75th Street / Willow Springs Road (10800 West)
Indian Head Park 23 37 I-55 (Stevenson Expressway) – Chicago, St. Louis No southbound entrance from I-55 south
24 39 Wolf Road (11200 West) Northbound exit and southbound entrance
Hinsdale 25 40 Hinsdale Oasis
Western Springs 28 45 27 US 34 (Ogden Avenue) – Downers Grove, LaGrange Signed as exits 27A (east) and 27B (west)
Hillside 29 47 29 I-88 / IL 110 west (Ronald Reagan Memorial Tollway) – Aurora Northbound exit and southbound entrance
29.5 47.5 29 Cermak Road / 22nd Street Southbound exit and northbound entrance
30 48 Cermak Road Toll Plaza
30.5 49.1 30 IL 38 (Roosevelt Road / 1200 South) Northbound exit and southbound entrance; signed as Exit 30A (eastbound) and Exit 30B (westbound)
31 50 I-88 / IL 110 west (Ronald Reagan Memorial Tollway) – Aurora Southbound exit and northbound entrance
32 51 I-290 / IL 110 east (Eisenhower Expressway) – Chicago
Berkeley 34 55 33 I-290 west (Eisenhower Expressway) to US 20 / IL 64 – Rockford
Franklin Park 38 61 O'Hare Oasis
38.5 62.0 38 IL 19 (Irving Park Road (4000 North)) Southbound exit and northbound entrance; signed as Exit 38B (west) and Exit 38A (east)
39 63 Irving Park Toll Plaza (southbound)
Rosemont 39 Balmoral Avenue Electronic toll collection only (I-Pass/E-ZPass) opened December 13, 2011;[5] northbound exit and southbound entrance
40 64 40A I-190 west (Kennedy Expressway) / River Road – O'Hare Signed as exit 40 northbound
41 66 40B I-90 (Jane Addams Memorial Tollway / Kennedy Expressway) – Rockford, Chicago Signed as exit 40 northbound
Park Ridge 42 68 Touhy Avenue Toll Plaza (northbound)
42 68 Touhy Avenue Northbound exit and southbound entrance
Des Plaines 44.5 71.6 US 14 (Dempster Street) Northbound exit and southbound entrance
45 72 IL 58 (Golf Road) Southbound exit and northbound entrance
Glenview 49 79 48 Willow Road
Northbrook 50.5–
I-94 east (Edens Expressway) – Chicago Northern terminus; access via Edens Spur
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi


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