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I-2K is a satellite bus developed by Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO), and marketed by Antrix Corporation.[1] It is a standard bus for 2,000 kg class satellites; the 'I' in I-2K stands for INSAT, a group of communication satellites developed and launched by ISRO. The satellite buses developed by ISRO are specifically developed for small and medium weight satellites. I-2K spacecraft bus can supply DC power up to 3000 watts.[2] I-2K platform is targeted towards satellites in liftoff mass in range of 1500–2500 kg.[3]

List of satellites launched using I-2K platform[edit]

Features of I-2K[edit]

INSAT-2000 bus can be used for satellites in medium weight category (mass ranging between 1800–2500 kg). The average transponder life is 12 years which can extends up to 18 years. It can provide power supply up to 2800 watts. Its payload mass is in the range of 160–200 kg.[6]

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