I-League U19

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I-League U19
I-League U19 logo.jpg
Country  India
Founded 2011
Divisions 3
Number of teams 14
Level on pyramid 1
Current champions Tata FA U19
(1st title)
2014-15 I-League U19

The I-League U19 is the top level of youth football in India. It is contested between the under-20 sides of The I-League. The most successful team currently is Pune Academy who won the league in 2012 and 2013.


The league was founded as the I-League U19 in 2011 which was to give youth teams of the I-League a national league to play in as at that time the I-League youth teams only played in state youth leagues. Clubs fielded Under-19 teams. 16 teams were split into four groups of four with only one group containing only three teams. At the end of the season the top team from the group stage would move onto the final group stage with the other group winners and play each other once. The inaugural winners were JCT.

The competition name was changed in 2012 to the I-League U20 [1] because many u20 players in the I-League were not getting any time in the senior teams. Teams will play those within their own group twice and again the top teams will move on to the final group at the end.

The U20 title however only lasted for two seasons before the All India Football Federation decided to switch the tournament back to an under-19 tournament from 2014 onwards. [2] From 2014, the format was changed where the tournament was divided into five region based zones, namely, Kolkata, Mumbai, Shillong, Goa and Rest of India.

Current participants[edit]

The participants for the 2014-15 season in the Under-19 League are:

Group A - Kolkata Zone Group B - Goa Zone Group C - Maharashtra Zone Group D - Rest of India Zone

Zone A

Zone B

Current structure[edit]

All teams play each other in their respective groups twice - home and away. At the end of the group stages, the top 2 teams goes through to the final phase in Group A, B and C. However, only the top team goes through from both the Group D - Rest of India zones: Zone A and Zone B, making it a total of 8 teams progressing to the Final Round.

At the Final Round, each teams play each other once, and the top placed team are crowned the winners at the end of this round.

Past winners[edit]

  I-League U19
2011 JCT
  I-League U20
2012 Pune U19
2013 Pune U19
  I-League U19
2014 Tata FA U19

List of winners[edit]

Team U20 (d)
Pune U19 2 0
JCT 0 1
Tata FA U19 0 1

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