i-Volution PML

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i-Volution PML
I-Volution PML (logo).png
Founded 2001
Founder Andrew Louper
Distributor(s) JINGLE.RU Creative&Media
Genre Various, Instrumental, Production music
Country of origin Russia
Official website www.i-volution.net

i-Volution PML is a Russian record label. It was founded as a first production music library in Russia.[1] Formed 2001 by Russian record producer Andrew Louper.

Business model[edit]

Based on contracts with composers and recording artists, i-Volution PML owns the Synchronization and Performing Rights of its compositions and recordings, and licenses these rights to the audio-visual industry on a track-by-track or project-by-project basis. Performing Rights (the right to perform music publicly, live or in any media, such as TV, film, etc.) are granted through local performing right societies, which usually have blanket agreements with broadcasters.

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