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I-innovate (UK)
Parent company I-innovate Communications
Founded 2008
Founder Najero Okenabirhie
Genre Urban/Pop Music
Nu Jazz
Hip Hop
Alternative Dance
Country of origin UK
Location London
Official website www.let-i-innovate.com

I-innovate (UK) is a London-based independent record label that diversified from video production into music management from 2009. I-innovate was founded by Najero Okenabirhie in 2008. I-innovate work with freelance directors, marketers and artists in music and graphic design providing ad hoc services for clients, labels and music professionals. Najero’s background stems from the music industry originally working with Sanctuary Music Management on royalties accountancy projects for Iron Maiden and Bruce Dickinson in the early 00’s. Najero left Sanctuary in 2002 to set up his own imprint label Greasy Geezers. Greasy Geezer’s first releases were UK Garage titles. Greasy Geezers then changed their artist’s roster and became known for alternative dance and neo-soul jazz releases with the group The Wah Wah Collective and Gafanhoto Lingo. The Greasy Geezers label was disbanded and repackaged as a dance production house collaborating with other dance acts and producers on the I-innovate roster.

From 2010 I-innovate (UK) ventured into artist management projects. Notable artists with releases on the I-innovate label include Bada Badoo[1] from X-Factor, Series 7 (UK), the eclectic soul group The Wah Wah Collective and MCM (formally of the UK Hip-Hop group Caveman) amongst others.[2]

In 2014 I-innovate (UK) utilizing The Wah Wah Collective twitter brand were nominated for The American 2013 Shorty Awards for Best Social Media Campaign.[3]

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