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Studio album by Peter Gabriel
Released TBA
Recorded April 1995–TBA
Label Real World/Virgin EMI (UK), Interscope (US & Canada)
Producer Peter Gabriel
Peter Gabriel chronology
Back to Front: Live in London

I/O was the working title of a planned studio album by British progressive rock musician Peter Gabriel. It was initially intended to be the follow-up to his 2002 album, Up, though, in October 2011, Gabriel stated that he had not actually completed the recording of any songs for I/O and that the project was merely a set of "song ideas" which remain unfinished.[1]

Work history[edit]

The history of I/O is closely connected to that of making the album Up, which notoriously took Gabriel almost 10 years to complete, with some of the songs being first recorded during the Us recording sessions. After the Secret World Live World Tour, Gabriel spent much of the 1990s writing new material, and in interviews circa 2002 he said that four albums would come out of this period of writing[2][3] (he reportedly wrote and prepared over 130 songs during this time, of which ten were selected for Up).[4]

Originally the album was set to be released in 2004,[5] or 18 months apart from Up, yet extensive touring (the Growing Up Live and Still Growing Up Live tours in 2003 and 2004) pushed the release far ahead.

According to a Rolling Stone magazine article, Gabriel has 150 songs in various stages, which he has been working on with engineer Richard Chappell and percussionist Ged Lynch.[6] He has also talked about the possibility of completing the songs, arranging them for a band, touring first and only then recording and releasing them.[6] He has also said of a tour possibility: "I would like to try maybe just me and a percussionist, or a percussionist and bass. It's good sometimes to let go of your crutches."[6]

In the last quarter of 2008, Gabriel (via his monthly Moon Club Video Updates on his official website) mentioned that he has been back in the studio on a more regular basis, shifting focus toward the recording of I/O and his covers project Scratch My Back (which was released in 2010). However, as of March 2012, Gabriel announced on his video updates that he has been working on twelve "brand new" song ideas,[7] leaving the future of the I/O recordings unclear.


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