I/O (visual novel)

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I O Coverart.png
Developer(s) Regista
Publisher(s) GN Software (PS2)
Asgard (PC)
Platform(s) PlayStation 2, PC
Release date(s)
  • JP January 26, 2006 (PS2)
  • JP August 29, 2008 (PC)
Genre(s) Science fiction, Mystery, Visual novel
Mode(s) Single player

I/O (アイオー Aiō?) is a Japanese science fiction visual novel produced by Regista. It was released for the PlayStation 2 on January 26, 2006 in Japan and was released on PC on August 29, 2008 in Japan. I/O was written and directed by Takumi Nakazawa, the writer and director for KID's infinity series, such as Ever17. Other well-known members of the staff include Romeo Tanaka, the writer of Cross Channel, and dōjin musician Onoken. While never released officially outside of Japan, an English fan translation has been completed.



Hinata Aoi (Route A)

Voiced by: Michihiko Hagi

Ishtar (Route B)

Voiced by: Chiaki Takahashi

Ishtar (Route C)

Voiced by: Chiaki Takahashi

He (Route D)

Voiced by: ???

Other Characters[edit]

Sakuya Kawahara

Voiced by: Ryoko Tanaka

Mutsuki Aoi

Voiced by: Kayo Nagata

Masami Shinozuka

Voiced by: Kozue Yoshizumi

Mayumi Shinozuka

Voiced by: Kozue Yoshizumi


Voiced by: Sayaka Aida


Voiced by: ???

Yayoi Amane

Voiced by: Airi Yoshida


Voiced by: Natsumi Yanase

Mika Ayase

Voiced by: Kaori Fujisaki

Kosuke Miyata

Voiced by: Kosuke Toriumi

Development Team[edit]


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