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Industry IVR, Telecommunications, Videotelephony
Founded 2002
Founder Ivan Sixto
Borja Sixto
Javier Sixto
Headquarters Madrid, Spain
Area served
Products IVR / IVVR platforms
Number of employees
Slogan VoiceXML for everybusiness
Website www.i6net.com

I6NET Solutions and Technologies is a European company founded in 2002, dedicated to research and development of telecommunications and Internet technology. I6NET gives operators and solution providers the ability to develop and deploy voice and video applications via VoIP, Time-division multiplexing and 3G-324M networks. The company's main product is an IVR / IVVR software called VXI*, the VoiceXML browser for Asterisk. VXI* is fully compliant with the W3C’s VoiceXML specification[1] and is integrated with automatic speech recognition and text-to-speech engines to enable advanced voice and video solutions, and real-time video calling applications.


I6NET[2] was founded in Madrid, Spain by three brothers Ivan Sixto, Borja Sixto and Javier Sixto.[3] Since the beginning of the project, VoiceXML and Asterisk, the Open Source Telephony Platform[4] are the key elements for a new solution approach for the market. In 2006, I6NET launches the first official release of VXI* 1.4 to be downloaded from their website. In 2008, I6NET becomes Digium's Software Partner[5] and Asterisk Ecosystem's member.[6]


"I6NET's mission is to transform interactive telephony into open communications thru VoiceXML"


I6NET is headquartered in Spain (Madrid) with R&D Labs in France (Grenoble).

Main Figures[edit]

  • 3 co-founders[3]
  • 6 employees
  • 60 business partners[6]
  • 200 customers
  • 3000 users, developers,...


  • 2013 VXI* 8.0, compliant with all VoiceXML 2.1 tags
  • 2012 VXI* 7.0 lannched.
  • 2011 VXI* 6.0 launched, the 6th generation of VXI*
  • 2010 VXI* 5.0 launched with new video features like Flash/RTMP
  • 2009 VXI* 4.0 launched with Xtras* addons to extend its IVR / IVVR features
  • 2008 VXI* 3.0 launched with 32bit and 64bit Linux OS packages
  • 2007 VXI* 2.0 launched with 3G-324m and ASR support
  • 2006 I6NET launches VXI* 1.0 the first VoiceXML browser for Asterisk PBX
  • 2005 I6NET roll out its first VoiceXML hosted services
  • 2004 Research & Development activity over IVR
  • 2003 The VXI* project starts
  • 2002 I6NET founded in September

Products and Services[edit]

I6NET provides software components in addition to IVR development and consulting services. The main product developed VXI* is a voice and video interpreter that works directly with the Asterisk PBX software supported by Digium. With this addon, this open source PBX can run VoiceXML applications in the same server at an affordable cost.

VXI* VoiceXML Browser[edit]

VXI*[7] is the first official, native integration between Asterisk, the Open Source PBX and VoiceXML,[8] the W3C's voice and video application’s standard language. It's a complementary software designed for Asterisk-based systems in order to access to the large VoiceXML applications world.

Written in C, Linux Operating System, License Commercial

Xtras* Software Extensions[edit]

Xtras*[9] are extended modules for VXI* and Asterisk that VoiceXML is able to control. These extensions provide special features and tools to get or post information thru Asterisk with the interpreter. All these packages can be deployed in a same VXI* server according to each system's configuration requirements.

  • Xtras* Outbound Dialer/API
  • Xtras* Call Recorder MP4
  • Xtras* MRCP Client
  • Xtras* Flash/RTMP Server Channel
  • Xtras* Video IP/3G and Tools

Written in C, Linux Operating System

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