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IBM India Research Laboratory (IRL) is one of IBM's eight major worldwide research laboratories. It was established in 1998 in Delhi, India.[1]

Some of the aims of the laboratory are to develop solutions for digital data, computers and mobile phones.[2]

The research areas of the lab are

  • Mobile Enabled Emerging Solutions: Developing industry-specific solutions and helping bridge the digital divide through innovative technologies.
  • Next Generation Systems and Smarter Planet Solutions: Developing intelligent systems and technologies for an instrumented and interconnected world.
  • Information Management: Creating intelligent solutions and services for industries through information integration and data analytics.
  • IT Service Management and Cloud Computing: Helping make service delivery organizations more effective and efficient.
  • Business Analytics and Optimization: Making sense of huge amount of data generated from diverse sources in service organizations.
  • Software Service Technologies: Focusing on creating tools and technologies for the next generation of service engineering.
  • Human Language Technologies: Exploring and applying the science of human languages expressed in various modalities.[3]


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