IBM WebSphere Process Server

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WebSphere Process Server
Websphere logo
Developer(s) IBM
Stable release / 26 June 2012
Operating system Cross-platform
Type Process Server
License Proprietary

WebSphere Process Server is the runtime engine for artifacts produced in a business-driven development process. Technically, WebSphere Process Server is mounted on top of WebSphere Application Server and extends the WebSphere Enterprise Service Bus. Since 2011, WebSphere Process Server has been integrated to IBM Business Process Manager suite and its functionality is included on the "Advanced" version of this suite.

WebSphere Process Server uses the WebSphere Integration Developer as development tool. WPS came into picture from 2006.


WebSphere Process Server and WebSphere Integration Developer components are:

Supporting Services[edit]

  • Interface Maps
  • Business Object Maps: Used to translate one type of business object into another type, these maps can be used in a variety of ways (for example, as an interface map to convert one type of parameter data into another).

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