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For the international Ranking of Twenty20 cricket, see ICC World Twenty20.
ICC T20 Rankings
ICCranking logo.png
ICC T20 Championship logo
Administrator International Cricket Council
Format Twenty20
First tournament 2007
Last tournament ongoing
Tournament format notional (ongoing points
accumulation through
all matches played)
Number of teams 17
Current champion  Sri Lanka
Most successful  Sri Lanka (21 months)

The ICC T20 Championship is an international Twenty20 cricket competition run by the International Cricket Council. The competition is notional in that it is simply a ranking scheme overlaid on the regular T20I match schedule.[1] After every T20I match, the two teams involved receive points based on a mathematical formula. The total of each team's points total is divided by the total number of matches to give a rating, and all teams are ranked on a table in order of rating.[2]

As of 5 January 2015, Sri Lanka lead the ICC T20I Championship with a rating of 131.


According to the ICC website, "Only teams who have completed at least eight T20 international matches since 1st August between three and four years ago will have their rating above converted into a ranking on the main table." [3]


The calculations for the Table are performed as follows:

  • Each team scores points based on the results of their matches.
  • Each team's rating is equal to its total points scored divided by the total matches played. (Series are not significant in these calculations).
  • A match only counts if played in the last three years.
  • Matches played in the first year of the three-year limit count one-third; matches played in the second year count two-thirds; matches played in the last year count fully; essentially, recent matches are given higher weighting.
  • To determine a team's rating after a particular match:
    • Determine the match result (win, loss, or tie)
    • Calculate the match points scored:
      • If the gap between the ratings of the two teams at the commencement of the match is fewer than 40 points, then:
        • The winner scores 50 points more than the opponent's rating
        • The loser scores 50 points fewer than the opponent's rating
        • Each team in a tie scores the opponent's rating
      • If the gap between the ratings of the two teams at the commencement of the match is more than or equal to 40 points, then :
        • The winner, if it is the stronger team, scores 10 points more than its own rating
        • The winner, if it is the weaker team, scores 90 points more than its own rating
        • The loser, if it is the stronger team, scores 90 points fewer than its own rating
        • The loser, if it is the weaker team, scores 10 points fewer than its own rating
        • The stronger team in a tie scores 40 points fewer than its own rating
        • The weaker team in a tie scores 40 points more than its own rating
    • Add the match points scored to the points already scored (in previous matches as reflected by the table) and determine the new rating. However, matches (and the points) which do not lie in last three year range will have to be removed.
  • Points earned by teams depend on the opponents ratings, therefore this system needed to assign base ratings to teams when it started.

Ranking table[edit]

ICC T20I Championship
Rank Change Team Matches Points Rating
1 Steady  Sri Lanka 23 3006 131
2 Steady  India 16 2009 126
3 Steady  Pakistan 29 3474 120
4 Steady  Australia 26 3041 117
5 Steady  South Africa 29 3362 116
6 Steady  West Indies 28 3140 112
7 Steady  New Zealand 24 2567 111
8 Steady  England 25 2481 99
9 Steady  Ireland 12 1046 87
10 Steady  Bangladesh 16 1147 72
11 Steady  Netherlands 14 951 68
12 Steady  Afghanistan 12 743 62
13 Steady  Zimbabwe 11 573 52
14 Steady  Scotland 10 512 51
Insufficient matches
- Steady  Hong Kong 4 203 51
- Steady    Nepal 4 170 43
- Steady  United Arab Emirates 3 0 0
Reference: ICC Rankings, 14 January 2015

Historical ICC T20I Champions[edit]

Country Start End Duration Highest Rating
 England 24 October 2011 March 2012 6 months 140
 South Africa March 2012 September 2012 7 months 130
 Sri Lanka September 2012 28 March 2014 19 months 134
 India 28 March 2014 3 April 2014 6 days 130
 Sri Lanka 3 April 2014 4 April 2014 1 day 131
 India 4 April 2014 6 April 2014 2 days 132
 Sri Lanka 6 April 2014 1 May 2014 1 month 133
 India 1 May 2014 6 September 2014 4 months 131
 Sri Lanka 7 September 2014 - - 131

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