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ICM Research is a public opinion researcher that was founded in 1989.[1][2] ICM is a subsidiary of Creston Insight, a marketing services company, and, as of June 2014, is a member of the British Polling Council.[3]


When ICM was initially established, the initialism represented "Independent Communications and Marketing". ICM Research rebranded in November 2014 to ICM Unlimited.[citation needed]


ICM conducted polling research for media publications such as The Guardian, The Scotsman and The Sunday Telegraph. In 2014, research papers cover topics such as business banking, mobile commerce and retirement planning.[4]

ICM is involved with the polling of the Scottish constituency in regard to the independence referendum poll that occurred on 18 September 2014. The BBC publishes the research conducted by ICM, in addition to other polling firms, as part of its "poll tracker" in the lead up to the vote that will determine whether Scotland will become independent or remain part of the United Kingdom (UK).[5]


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