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ICUE Company logo

ICUE Ltd is a British company focused on using mobile phone (cellphone) technology to deliver written word content, that is, books and other publications.

The technology takes the form of a Java application which is downloaded to the user handset via cellular wireless networks. Once downloaded, the user can access all books on their mobile phone at anytime, with or without wireless network coverage. The program is freely available from ICUE, when accessed from a United Kingdom network.[1]

Books are read using one of three techniques: Flicker, Ticker or Page.

ICUE has partnerships with many of the UK's largest publishing houses including Penguin, Harper Collins, Pan Macmillan, Random House, Egmont, Transworld, A&C Black and Kogan Page.

These partnerships provide ICUE users with access to books from diverse writers such as Philip Pullman, Julie Burchill, and Charles Dickens.

Funds from the sale of books are split between the publishers, mobile network suppliers, and ICUE.

ICUE is a private business co-owned by senior management and Benchmark Capital, a UK-based venture capital firm. Part of the profits from the business will be used to fund charities that focus on improving reading skills amongst UK teenagers and adults.


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