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Private limited company
Industry Financial Services
Founded May 2000 in London
Headquarters London, United Kingdom
Area served
Key people
Lee Foster Bowman (Founder and CEO)
Products trading and investing

iDealing ( Limited) is a European online securities brokerage, headquartered in London, England.

Its main products are Direct Access to European securities exchanges and over-the-counter derivatives such as CFDs and Spreadbets.[1]


iDealing launched in May 2000 in the United Kingdom, receiving publicity because they were then the “cheapest" online broker in the UK.[2][3]

Prior to iDealing’s launch the online trading commissions were as high as £39.99,[4] to which iDealing responded by launching with a commission of £10.00 and a price-comparison advertising campaign.

This led to many journalists heralding a “price war” in Britain, although initially many established brokers insisted that their own prices would not be lowered.[2][5]


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