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The IEEE Robert N. Noyce Medal is a science award presented by the IEEE for outstanding contributions to the microelectronics industry. It is given to individuals who have demonstrated contributions in multiple areas including technology development, business development, industry leadership, development of technology policy, and standards development. The medal is named in honour of Robert N. Noyce, the founder of Intel Corporation. He was also renowned for his 1959 invention of the integrated circuit. The medal is funded by Intel Corporation and was first awarded in 2000.


  • 2002: Yoshio Nishi (Texas Instruments Inc., United States) For strategic leadership in global semiconductor research and development.
  • 2006: Shoichiro Yoshida (Nikon Corporation, United States) For contributions to, and leadership in, the technology and business development of IC lithography.
  • 2009: Eliyahou Harari (Sandisk Corporation, United States) For leadership in development and commercialization of flash electrically erasable programmable read-only memory (Flash EEPROM])-based Data Storage products.
  • 2010: James C Morgan (Applied Materials, United States) For vision and leadership that transformed Applied Materials into an innovation leader and global partner for advancing microelectronics manufacturing technology.
  • 2011: Pasquale Pistorio (STMicroelectronics, Europe) For contributions to, and leadership in, the technology, business and environmental development of the global semiconductor and electronics industry.
  • 2012: Yoon-Woo Lee (Samsung Electronics, Korea) For vision and leadership establishing Korea as a global leader in producing semiconductor memory chips and liquid-crystal-display (LCD) technologies and helping build Samsung Electronics into the world’s largest electronics company.
  • 2013: Sunlin Chou and Youssef A El-Mansy (Intel, USA) For contributions to propelling Intel Corporation to its position as an industry-leading manufacturer of logic devices and accelerating advancements in computing.
  • 2014 John E. Kelly (IBM, USA) For global executive leadership in semiconductor technology R&D.

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