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Iarnród Éireann 2700 and 2750 Class
2722 irishrail.jpg
2722 at Limerick Colbert station
In service 1998 - 2012
Manufacturer GEC Alstom
Number built 14 trainsets
Formation 12 two-car sets (2700)
2 single units (2750)
Capacity 117 (2700)
53 (2750)
Operator Commuter
Maximum speed 110 km/h (68 mph)
Weight 42 tonnes (41 long tons; 46 short tons) per car
Prime mover(s) Traction: Cummins NTA 855-R1, 350 bhp (260 kW).
Aux. power: Cummins GB5.9GR / Iferca 61.5 kVA
Braking system(s) Air, 2 brake discs per axle
Track gauge 1,600 mm (5 ft 3 in)
See Track gauge in Ireland

The 2700 and 2750 Classes are two related types of diesel multiple unit operated by Iarnród Éireann. The 2700 Class units are 2-car sets; 25 cars were built by GEC Alsthom in 1997 and 1998, and began entering service in December 1998. Each car weighs 38.5 long tons (39.1 t; 43.1 short tons) and is fitted with a 350 hp (260 kW) underfloor Cummins engine with a maximum service speed of 110 km/h (68 mph).

From July 2004 to April 2005 they were used in six-piece sets on the Dublin-Rosslare intercity services, before being replaced by newer units. The entire class was then based in Limerick, with one set outbased in Ballina to operate the Ballina - Manulla Junction shuttle, while it also operated an Athlone - Galway service on Fridays. A further set operated morning and evening Athenry - Galway commuter services during its layover from Limerick - Galway services. Otherwise the class operated all services from Limerick (save direct Limerick-Heuston Station trains) and services from Limerick Junction to Waterford .

2750 Class single car unit

They are capable of operation in consists of up to 10 cars, either within their own class or with 2600, 2800, or 2900 class DMUs. In addition to the 2-car units, two single car units were constructed. These units are classed as 2750 Class, and have a cab at each end so that they can operate either singly or as part of a set.

Even numbered cars have 62 seats while odd numbered cars contain 55 seats and a toilet. There are some exceptions however; the two 2750 Class units have 53 seats each, due to having cabs at both ends, while 2719 and 2721 have 50 seats each and include a bicycle storage area. The original black and orange Arrow livery was replaced by the newly introduced Commuter livery in 2004, upon the start of the sectorisation of Iarnród Éireann's operations.

In 2010, Iarnród Éireann began major overhauls of the 2700 and 2750 Classes, the most prominent feature of which was the removal of the end gangways, which had been unused for some time. This coincided with the addition of a new livery based on the 22000 Class colour scheme.[1]

2716 suffered collision damage on June 3, 2000. Following repairs, it was coupled with 2609, part of the Mitsui 2600 class.

The 2700 and 2750 Classes bear a visible similarity to the British Rail Class 158 DMU but the two classes are completely unrelated having been built ten years apart and by different manufacturers.

As of July 2012, the majority of the class has been withdrawn and put into storage. By September 2012, the entire fleet had been listed for sale.[2]

Fleet details[edit]

Class Operator Number Year Built Cars per Set Unit nos. Notes
2700 Class Commuter 12 1997-1998 2 2701/02 - 2724/26 2716 operates as a hybrid 2-car unit with 2609
2750 Class 2 1 2751, 2753


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