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IF? Records
IF? Records (logo).jpg
Founded 1995
Founder Andrez Bergen, Brian Huber, Mateusz Sikora
Genre Hip hop, techno
Country of origin Japan
Location Tokyo
Official website http://if-records.weebly.com

Iffy muzak[edit]

Started by friends Andrez Bergen (Little Nobody), Brian Huber and Mateusz Sikora and Marc Luciano in January 1995, IF? released its first compilation within just a few months, featuring a line-up of purely Melbourne-based, and mostly new, experimental electronic and techno producers - including Voiteck and Zen Paradox. Then-Mixmag editor Dom Phillips nominated the Zeitgeist compilations at #4 in his choice of the Top 10 Melbourne-made records up to 1996.[1] Zeitgeist (1995) and Zeitgeist 2 (1996), were repackaged and distributed internationally through Belgian label Nova Zembla, a subsidiary of Kk.

IF? subsequently released a dozen CDs, tapes and vinyl EPs prior to the shift to Japan - all of which showcased local Melbourne producers, such as Little Nobody, Zen Paradox, Voiteck, Artificial, Honeysmack, Blimp, Son Of Zev, Soulenoid, Nod/Isnod, Guyver 3, TR-Storm, Q-Kontrol, Josh Abrahams, FSOM, David Thrussell, Mute Freak, Schlock Tactile, Beam Up, Brewster B, 8-Bit, Dee Dee, Digital Primate, and the LN Elektronische Ensemble.

IF? was a founding member of M.U.K. (Melbourne Underground Konsortium) and the Sunblock collective of Australian underground electronic music labels.

The label has released debuts and mixes by Australians like Zen Paradox, Voiteck, Soulenoid (a.k.a. Adam Raisbeck from Sense), Guyver 3 (G3), Little Nobody, Ben Mill, Artificial, Koda, Enclave, Blimp (Pro-Jex), Alkan, E383, Funk Gadget, DJ Venom, Kid Calmdown, Schlock Tactile, Marcella Brassett, Son Of Zev, Isnod, Enclave, Funk Gadget, Rysh Paprota, Pnau, Pocket, 5000 Fingers Of Dr. T, Kandyman, TDM, Slam-dunk Ninja, Kultrun, Bill Hunter, Pat Stormont, and the LN Elektronische Ensemble.

They have also sourced tracks and remixes from international producers like Si Begg, Jammin' Unit, Biochip C, Tobias Schmidt (Tresor), Tal (Sub-Rosa), Justin Robertson, Jason Leach (Subhead/Tresor), Steve Cobby (Fila Brazillia), Dave Tarrida (Tresor), Wyndell Long (Pro-Jex/Djax), Dasha Rush, Thomas P. Heckmann, Luke's Anger (Tigerbass), Donk Boys (Dirtybird), Patrick Pulsinger (Cheap), James Ruskin (Blueprint), Dave Angel, Justin Berkovi (Predicaments), Ben Pest, Paul Birken, Steve Stoll (Proper USA), Bill Youngman (Scandinavia), Voco Derman, Brixton (Holzplatten) - and, over the past eight years, from Japanese musicians DJ Warp (Elektrax), Captain Funk, Shin Nishimura (Plus Tokyo), Magnet Toy (Trope), Funkarmor, DJ Wada (Sublime/Co-Fusion), Alone Together, Masaya Sasaki, Toshiyuki Yasuda (formerly from Fantastic Plastic Machine), Naotoxin, M-Koda, Gadget Cassette, and Yamaoka.

The IF? Records remix EP Bare by Little Nobody, featuring Marcella Brassett on vocals, was adjudged Single of the Week in Beat magazine when it was released in August 2000.

The label's subsequent release, the Little Nobody album Action Hero, was one of the 4 final nominees for Best Album of the Year in the 2001 Australian Dance Music Awards, of which The Avalanches were the eventual winner.

The label has continued to release vinyl, digital releases and CDs in Japan, but in 2011 returned to Australia under the new direction of Sebastian Bayne.

IF? live showcases[edit]

IF? Records was the organiser of dozens of live electronic showcase events in Melbourne over the six-year period from 1995 to 2001, including a series of over 25 parties, first called "Zeitsprung," then Zoetrope at the Punters Club in Fitzroy, with live performances from people like Voiteck, Zen Paradox, Sub Bass Snarl, Josh Abrahams, TR-Storm, The Sonic Voyagers (Voiteck vs. Zen Paradox), Graham Mono, Son Of Zev, Blimp, Frontside, Soulenoid, Viridian, Honeysmack, Little Nobody, Isnod, Half Yellow, the LN Elektronische Ensemble, Guyver 3, Q-Kontrol, Schlock Tactile, and Tee-Art. Zoetrope 3 [12 June 1997] was reviewed in Melbourne's Beat magazine.[2]

The label also collaborated consistently with Melbourne clubs like Club Filter, Teriyaki Anarki Saki, Global Warming, Revolver, Centriphugal, Pony, the Rob Roy and Honkytonks, arranging live shows and IF? theme events, they organised benefit gigs for public broadcaster 3PBS, and they ran the Omniglobe underground warehouse parties at the massive Global Village complex in Footscray in 1995/96, featuring headliners Jammin' Unit (Germany) and Biochip C (Germany) - along with the mandatory inclusion of dozens of local live acts and DJs.

Up in Sydney, IF? often worked extensively with clubs like Frigid, Warm Up, Scissor*Paper*Rock, and Club Kooky.

Since moving to Tokyo in 2001, IF? has continued to release music and has also focused on introducing their Australian roster to the Japanese live scene, often in collaboration with Tokyo underground electronic music collective TTAK.

IF? releases[edit]

  • Zeitgeist compilation (1995)
  • Out Of Standard EP by Soulenoid vs. Guyver 3 (1995)
  • Zeitgeist 2 compilation (1996)
  • Perception Camera album by Guyver 3 (1996)
  • Zeitgeist 3 compilation (1997)
  • Solid Gold Collectibles EP by Little Nobody (1997)
  • Pop Tart album by Little Nobody (1998), IF? Records
  • Electro-Lollipop-Explosion album by Artificial (1998), in conjunction with M.U.K.
  • Sunblock - The Greatest Australian Electronica Album In The World Ever (1998), as a member of Sunblock
  • Action Hero album by Little Nobody (2000)
  • Bare EP by Little Nobody & Marcella (2000)
  • ZOO compilation (2000)
  • Cocaine Speaking remixes EP (2000)
  • Reaction Hero remix compilation (2001)
  • Live, Sorted & Tauted EP by the LN Elektronische Ensemble (2001)
  • Gay Sons Are Great Fun EP by DJ Venom (2002)
  • Pop Tart mixes EP (2002)
  • Mitanime Remixes EP by Schlock Tactile (2003)
  • Beer Goggles EP by Kid Calmdown (2005)
  • Depth Charge EP by Little Nobody (2003), in conjunction with Fitja
  • Eating The Heart Of The Fishes EP by Little Nobody (2005)
  • For Lease album by Kandyman (2007)
  • Ninja Daddy EP by Slam-dunk Ninja (2007)
  • The Slack Plague split EP by Little Nobody & Slam-dunk Ninja (2007)
  • Sputnik A-Go-Go remix EP by Laika, Belka & Strelka (2007)
  • Choke Hold 7-inch by Yağmurcuk Kuşu/Kimsecik (2007)
  • The Slack Plague EP (2007)
  • Game Over: Variations EP by Little Nobody (2008)
  • Techelectric Tangents Vol. 1 EP by Little Nobody (2008)
  • Techelectric Tangents Vol. 2 EP by Little Nobody (2008)
  • Wayward Seafarers EP by Little Nobody (2008)
  • Slam-dunk Ninja: The Perspicacious Remix Selection compilation (2008)
  • Submerged EP by Son Of Zev (2008)
  • Live in Tokyo EP by Ein Kleiner Schelm vs. Little Nobody (2008)
  • Engine Room EP by Dick Drone (2008)
  • Woklurk Orange EP by Little Nobody (2008)
  • Z-13.1 compilation (2008)
  • Z-13.2 compilation (2008)
  • Docohemo Tracks EP by Mumeishi (2008)
  • Mouthwash EP by Conversational Dentures (2008)
  • Game Over: Reset 140 EP by Little Nobody (2008)
  • Ironyism EP by Enclave (2008)
  • Blah Blah Remixes EP by Funk Gadget (2008)
  • Rewind EP by Curvaceous Crustacean (2008)
  • Suicidio EP by Conversational Dentures (2008)
  • Cocaine Speaking Remixes EP (2008)
  • Insomnia EP by Dick Drone (2008)
  • Robota EP by Little Nobody, feat. Robo*Brazileira (2008)
  • The Beginning of Human EP by Alone Together (2008)
  • Disquo EP by Andrez Bergen (2008)
  • Depth Charge Remixes EP (2008)
  • Metropolis How? EP by Little Nobody (2008)
  • Love Songs for the Feint of Heart compilation(2009)
  • Split 12-inch, Minus Vinyl EP by Little Bitches (2009)
  • Split 12-inch, Minus Vinyl #2 EP by Dave Tarrida & Jason Leach (2009)
  • Split 12-inch, Minus Vinyl #3 EP by Zen Paradox & Pat Stormont (2009)
  • Split 12-inch, Minus Vinyl #4 EP by Jammin' Unit & Little Nobody (2009)
  • Split 12-inch, Minus Vinyl #5 EP by Koda & Polygon Prompt (2009)
  • Split 12-inch, Minus Vinyl #6 EP by E383 & Martin Mueller (2009)
  • Split 12-inch, Minus Vinyl #7 EP by Little Nobody & Toshiyuki Yasuda (2009)
  • Taitei Drums EP by Jungle Taitei (2009)
  • A63 EP by Stereotyped (2009)
  • Booty EP by Il Capitano's Contraband (2009)
  • Suicidio Plus+ EP by Conversational Dentures (2009)
  • Days Remixes EP by Abis (2009)
  • Game Over: Reboot EP by Little Nobody (2009)
  • Radion EP by E383 (2009)
  • Indix Remixes EP by Koda (2009)
  • Kapitän "L" EP by Little Nobody (2009)
  • Timepass EP by Neboysha (2009)
  • Busted Piano EP by DJ Fodder (2009)
  • Macintosh is Out of My Life EP by Alone Together (2009)
  • Bosphorus Breathing EP by Alkan (2009)
  • Zeitgeist: Melbourne 1995 compilation LP by Various Artists (2009)
  • Robota Techno Remixes EP by Little Nobody, feat. Robo*Brazileira (2009)
  • Busted Piano EP by DJ Fodder (2009)
  • Ironyism Remixes EP by Enclave (2009)
  • The Sushi-Banana Project EP by Nana Mouskouri's Spectacles (2009)
  • Robota Remixes - Dead Channel vs. IF? LP by Little Nobody, feat. Robo*Brazileira (2009)
  • Minimalike EP by M-Koda (2009)
  • Like A Sturgeon EP by Little Nobody (2009)
  • T.O.M.M.S EP by Son Of Zev (2009)
  • Real To Reel EP by Dick Drone (2009)
  • Broken Friend (Hurting Yourself) EP by Tall Trees (2009)
  • Several Sizes Too Big EP by Luke's Anger (2009)
  • Compulsion Remixes compilation LP by Various Artists (2009)
  • Inari/Remixes LP by Wyndell Long (2009)
  • I Run Iron I Run Ironic: Comme La Neige Remixes LP by Dasha Rush (2009)
  • Tokaido Yotsuya Kaidan EP by Sake Sakura (2009)
  • IF100: 15 Years of IF? compilation LP by Various Artists (2009)
  • Evil From The Needle Remixes LP by Bitch Shift (2010)
  • Normality In His Abnormality EP by Marcin Markowski (2010)
  • The More U Do It EP by K. Alexi Shelby (2010)
  • Robota 12" vinyl EP by Little Nobody, feat. Dave Tarrida & Steve Stoll (2010)
  • Metropolis How? 12" vinyl EP by Little Nobody, feat. James Ruskin & Justin Berkovi (2010)
  • Depth Charge 12" vinyl EP by Andrez Bergen (2010)
  • Golden Garden EP by Cut Bit Motorz (2010)
  • Dancefloor Confessions Of A Stalker EP by Ben Mill (2010)
  • Is Your MP3 Player Ready? Weird Fodder From The Coffers compilation LP by Various Artists (2010)
  • The Flux EP by BCR Boys (2010)
  • Cool Old Skool EP by Acid New Market & Anthraxian (2010)
  • Falling Down Remixes EP by Ade Fenton (2010)
  • Get Away From It All 12" vinyl EP by Little Nobody (2010)
  • IF? LTD Edition #1 12" vinyl EP by Various Artists, feat. Mijk van Dijk & Dave Angel (2010)
  • The Condimental Op 12" vinyl EP by Little Nobody, feat. Aux 88, Sebastian Bayne & K. Alexi Shelby (2011)
  • The Demise EP by Mike Holmes (2011)
  • Remixotomy compilation LP by Various Artists, feat. Inigo Kennedy & Justin Berkovi (2011)
  • Hard Foiled LP by Little Nobody (2011)
  • Lubist EP by Enclave (2011)
  • Contorted Self/Faced EP by Sebastian Bayne & Martin Mueller (2011)
  • Odyssey EP by Dead Agenda (2011)
  • Linoleum Actress Remixes EP by Little Nobody, feat. Justin Robertson & Paul Birken (2011)


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