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IFBB Mr. America was a bodybuilding contest organised by the International Federation of BodyBuilders (IFBB). It was first held in 1949 and in direct competition with the AAU Mr. America. After the one-off contest in 1949 it permanently returned in 1959.

It ran until 1977 when the competition was handed over to the National Physique Committee (NPC) and the contest renamed to the NPC National Bodybuilding Championships. The NPC Nationals began in 1982 and is still running today.

Competition winners[edit]

Year Overall Winner
1949 Alan Stephan
1959 Chuck Sipes
1960 Gene Shuey
1961 Gaétan D'Amours
1962 Larry Scott
1963 Reg Lewis
1964 Harold Poole
1965 Dave Draper
1966 Chester Yorton
1967 Don Howorth
1968 Frank Zane
1969 John DeCola
1970 Mike Katz
1971 Ken Waller
1972 Ed Corney
1973 Lou Ferrigno
1974 Bob Birdsong
1975 Robby Robinson
1976 Mike Mentzer
1977 Danny Padilla

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