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IGLOO Software is a Canadian-based company that develops online communities and social software software for business.[1] Headquartered in Kitchener, Ontario, IGLOO utilizes Web 2.0 and social technologies to help organizations improve business processes, increase employee productivity and enhance stakeholder engagement inside and outside the organization.[2]

While originally established by The Centre for International Governance Innovation (CIGI) in 2004, IGLOO has been a private company since its commercialization in 2008.[3]

Since this time, Innovation Exchange identified IGLOO as one of the 20 most innovative companies in Canada[4] and Nemertes Research tagged IGLOO as an emerging social platform.[5]

In March 2009, IGLOO launched a BlackBerry Client application.[6] The app allows community members to access and contribute content to their online communities via a BlackBerry Smartphone.

In April 2010, IGLOO unveiled the industry's first Social Media Playbook.[7] The Playbook provides free access to a number of resources for building online communities from the ground up.[8]


In November 2004, CIGI established IGLOO (International Governance Leaders and Organizations Online) as a free online research network.[3] The original IGLOO Software platform, supported in part by the Government of Ontario, served as a community portal for strengthening international governance research.[9]

The collaborative effort of a diverse group of technology organizations produced the first IGLOO platform.[9] Contributing organizations included the likes of CIGI, Open Text, the University of Waterloo, and the Ontario Ministry of Research and Innovation.

In accordance to CIGI’s agreement with the Ontario Ministry of Research and Innovation, the commercialization of the IGLOO software platform began in 2008.[10] The transition commenced with the establishment of IGLOO Incorporated – a stand-alone company that develops, markets and sells the platform.


IGLOO stands for “International Governance Leaders and Organizations Online.” The name IGLOO comes from traditional snowhouses built by the Inuit people of Canada's far north. The Inuit people constructed igloos for many reasons. They provided shelter and served as meeting places to discuss and collaborate on vital community issues. Today, igloos remain an enduring symbol of community, cooperation and ingenuity.


The company’s flagship product is a corporate social networking platform that includes a suite of online collaboration, community building, social networking and content management tools.

Delivered via a software as a service (SaaS) model, the IGLOO platform combines document management and collaboration tools with social software capabilities to help build and support communities both inside and outside an organization.[11]

In March 2010, IGLOO launched a free edition of their online communities.[12] Originally available for communities of twenty-five (25) members or less, the free edition is now only available for up to ten (10) members. While paid-membership communities were originally priced at $4 per month per member the cost is now $12 per month per member.


Jim Balsillie, former co-chief executive officer of Research In Motion Ltd., is the chair of IGLOO's board and RBC Venture Partners Group provides venture capital funding.[13]


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