II Zwicky 73

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UGC 9796
UGC 9796.jpeg
SDSS Image
Observation data
Constellation Boötes
Right ascension 15h 15m 56.28s
Declination +43° 10′ 00.14″
Type S?
Other designations
PGC 54461, UGC 9796, MCG +07-31-48, PRC A-06, FGC 224A, ASK 403591.0
See also: Galaxy, List of galaxies

II Zwicky 73 (also written Zw II 73) is a lenticular and polar-ring galaxy in the constellation Bootes, and about 250 million light years distant from Earth. It is an object of great scientific interest as there have been very few polar ring galaxies discovered. II Zw 73 is a very gas-rich environment. DSS and SDSS images show that it is very similar to polar ring galaxy NGC 660, the best-known of all the polar ring galaxies.

This object is also known as PGC 54461, UGC 9796, MCG+07-31-48, and PRC A-06