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This article is about the third tier of Polish football. For the current second tier league previously known as II Liga, see I Liga (Poland).

II Liga (Druga Liga, Polish pronunciation: [ˈdruɡa ˈlʲiɡa]) is a Polish football league that sits at the 3rd tier of the Polish football league system. Until the end of the 2007–08 season II Liga referred to a league at the 2nd tier,[1] although this changed with the formation of the Ekstraklasa as the top level league in Poland. It's below I liga and above III liga.

In the 2012/13 season there are two regional groups (West and East) making up the II Liga. They both consist of 18 teams. Two first teams from each group win promotion to the I Liga. Teams from places 15-18 are demoted to the III Liga and teams from places 11-14 have to take part in playoffs to avoid demotion.


The teams that compete in II Liga in the 2012–13 season are:

Group West[edit]

Location of teams in Polish Second League 2012-13 (Group West)

Group East[edit]

Location of teams in Polish Second League 2012-13 (Group East)

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