IJf Blokker

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IJf Blokker
IJf Blokker 1973.jpg
IJf Blokker in 1973
Born (1930-09-02) September 2, 1930 (age 84)
Den Helder
Nationality Dutch
Occupation Actor, comic artist

IJf Blokker (born 2 September 1930) is a Dutch musician and television actor and presenter. After a professional career as a drummer, he became a well-known television actor in the 1970s playing the character Barend Servet in the Wim T. Schippers-directed shows on VPRO television.


Blokker was born in Den Helder and studied drums at the Amsterdamse Muziekschool, and worked in a number of orchestras in the Netherlands and Germany, including the Snip en Snap Revue.[1] He was drum teacher as well; one of his students was Jan Keizer, who gained fame with BZN.[2][3] Blokker became widely known in the 1970s playing the character of Barend Servet in a series of television shows: De Fred Hachéshow (1971), Barend is weer bezig (1972-1973), and Van Oekel's Discohoek (1974). These shows, conceived, written, and directed by Wim van der Linden, Wim T. Schippers, Gied Jaspars, and Ruud van Hemert and aired on VPRO, caused consternation by having naked dancers and extras, cursing actors, and absurdist humor. After the controversial scene in which Barend Servet interviewed Juliana of the Netherlands,[4] Blokker received angry letters and phone calls, even a bomb threat.[1] The Barend Servet character had a hit song in 1973 with the song "Waar moet dat heen, hoe zal dat gaan?" and made public appearances as late as 1981.[5]

Blokker had minor roles in the television shows Zeg 'ns Aaa, SamSam, Pompy de Robodoll, Seth & Fiona, and Filmpje!, and in the 1990 television production of the Herman Heijermans play Eva Bonheur. In the 1980s he presented the VPRO nature program Puur natuur[6] (with Adeline van Lier[7]) and was a commentator for an AVRO program, Prijs je rijk.[8]


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