The Institute of Mathematics and Computer Science, University of Latvia

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The Institute of Mathematics and Computer Science, University of Latvia (IMCS UL) (Latvian: Latvijas Universitātes Matemātikas un Informātikas Institūts) was established in 1959 as a Computing Centre of research character. The staff of IMCS UL consists of about 200 researchers, assistants, engineers, and software developers. IMCS UL is the leading research institution of mathematics and computer science in Latvia.

The institute conducts research in:


  • complex information systems' modelling languages and development tools
  • graph theory and visual information processing
  • semantic web technologies
  • computational linguistics
  • bioinformatics
  • real time systems, embedded systems
  • data security incidents' processing methods
  • e-infrastructure development


  • quantum algorithms
  • mathematical modelling for technologies and natural sciences
  • optimal managerial tasks for partial differential equations
  • problems of mathematical physics in complex media
  • qualitative theory of ordinary nonlinear differential equations

Annual number of scientific publications is 150-160, presentations in international conferences - more than 100. Apart from research, IMCS UL has always been involved also in commercial software development. Besides that IMCS UL houses the Master's Degree Studies in Computer Science at the University of Latvia.

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