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Not to be confused with lMule.
aMule icon
The anonymous eMule
Developer(s) iMule Team
Initial release 2003
Stable release (May 3, 2013 (2013-05-03)) [±]
Development status Maintained
Written in C++ (wxWidgets)
Operating system Windows, Linux
Available in English, french, german, spanish, italian, polish, portuguese, chinese
Type Anonymous P2P
License GNU General Public License
Website www.imule.i2p

iMule (invisible Mule) is a free open source anonymous P2P file sharing software which connects through the anonymous I2P network and the Kad network.[1]


iMule is based on the aMule source code and uses the Kademlia algorithm and the I2P network.[2] The eDonkey network used in eMule and aMule, which connects through servers, has been dropped. iMule downloads and shares files without revealing the IP addresses and identity of its users.

Like aMule, iMule aims to be portable over multiple platforms with the use of the wxWidgets library. Current supported systems include Linux, Mac OS X, various BSD-derived operating systems, Windows and Solaris.

Since iMule v1.4.7.1, iMule support newer wxWidgets libraries.

Stand alone mode[edit]

From v1.2.3 (2003), a router program was included inside the source code so no other software is necessary to connect to the I2P network.[3] However, there are still a couple of packages (especially for Linux) which don't have an internal I2P and thus do require the external I2P router software. If the user wants to make use of all the other features of I2P (i.e.: BitTorrent, Gnutella, anonymous emails and websites) the whole package needs to be installed.

Warning: Due to basic translations and bugs, the internal I2P is slow and wastes lots of CPU. Instead, installing the I2P software is really suggested, in order not to use the internal I2P router of iMule.

After iMule v1.4.5 (released in 2009), stand alone mode is no longer possible, iMule requires the installation of I2P.

Due to the necessity to install the software I2P in order to configure the I2P router with proxy port 4444 before going download iMule from the eepsite http://www.imule.i2p (or http://echelon.i2p) and download the file nodes.dat, a lot of web sites[who?] still think that imule is no longer available nor under development.

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  • www.imule.i2p - Official iMule home page, eepsite site (I2P has to be installed). Recommended. Downloading only iMule file without instructions (for example from a mirror site) might not allow you to make it work.