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Coordinates: 41°10′46″N 8°35′43″W / 41.17940°N 8.59539°W / 41.17940; -8.59539 The Institute for Systems and Computer Engineering of Porto (INESC Porto) is a private non-profit association in Porto, Portugal, recognised as a Public Interest Institution and has been an Associate Laboratory since 2002.[1]

INESC Porto is an engineering research institute located on the campus of the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto. The purpose of the institute is to develop computer-based technology and bridge the gap between universities and companies.[2] The institute also supports the establishment of new technology-based companies.[3][4]


INESC Porto was founded in December 1998, from a branch of INESC.[5] In 2002 INESC Porto was appointed an Associated Laboratory by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education in Portugal[6] and has taken part in European Union research projects.[7][8][9][10]

In addition to INESC, the University of Porto and the Faculty of Engineering (University of Porto)[11] are also founding associates. In June 2006, the Faculty of Science of the University of Porto and the Polytechnical Institute of Porto also became INESC Porto associates.

Research areas[edit]

INESC Porto is one of Portugal's most influential research institutes[12] with developments in the areas of breast cancer,[13][14][15][16] renewable energies,[17] kidney transplants,[18] artificial intelligence and robotics. The Portuguese Navy has recently joined efforts with INESC Porto to develop technology for deep sea research and surveillance in order to monitor Portugal's Exclusive Economic Zone.[19] Among the people who work at INESC Porto are some of the most influential researchers both in Portugal and worldwide, such as José Carlos Príncipe who recently won the 2011 IEEE Neural Networks Pioneer Award [20] and, more recently, Vladimiro Miranda, was awarded with the IEEE Power & Energy Society Ramakumar Family Renewable Energy Excellence Award 2012 by the prestigious Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers.[21] "INESC Porto is recognised as a world player, with main project activity in the EU, the USA and Brazil".[22]

INESC Porto conducts research in the following areas:

  • Telecommunications and multimedia
  • Power systems
  • Manufacturing systems
  • Information and computer graphics systems
  • Optoelectronics and electronic systems[23]
  • Robotics and intelligent systems
  • Biomedical Engineering [24]
  • Innovation and technology transfer
  • Artificial intelligence and decision support
  • Programming and computing languages
  • Industrial management
  • Embedded and real-time computing systems


The institute consists of the following research units:

  • Telecommunications and Multimedia Unit
  • Power Systems Unit
  • Manufacturing Systems Engineering Unit
  • Information and Computer Graphic Systems Unit
  • Optoelectronics and Electronic Systems Unit
  • Innovation and Technology Transfer Unit
  • Robotics and Intelligent Systems Unit
  • BRAIN - Biomedical Research and Innovation [25]

President of INESC Porto: José Manuel Mendonça

Scientific council president: Manuel António Matos

Scientific Advisory Board president: José Carlos Príncipe (University of Florida, USA)

INESC TEC Associate Laboratory[edit]

INESC Technology and Science – INESC TEC is the new name for the Associate Laboratory coordinated by INESC Porto with the Associate Units LIAAD, CRACS, UGEI, CISTER and the Privileged Partner HASLab. The Associate Laboratory brings together around 240 PhD holders and a total of around 750 researchers.[26]

The change in the name of the Associate Laboratory from INESC Porto LA to INESC TEC was in response to the inclusion of the Associate Units. INESC TEC now unites competencies from the Core Unit at INESC Porto, the Associate Units and the Privileged Partners HASLab at the University of Minho.

The INESC TEC Associate Laboratory includes four Associate Units and one Privileged Partner:

  • LIAAD - Laboratory of Artificial Intelligence and Decision Support
  • CRACS - Center for Research in Advanced Computing Systems
  • CISTER - Research Centre in Real-Time Computing Systems
  • UGEI - Unit of Industrial Management and Engineering
  • HASLab - High-Assurance Software Laboratory


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